stencilled rug using water based spray paint

How to stencil a rug with spray paint

Spray paint is an easy and quick to use and can create some really impressive finishes. We’ve recently introduced materials Removable adhesive spray from pintyplus Pintyplus Basic Pintyplus stencil Step by step: transform a white rug using a Pintyplus stencil and spray paint The beauty of this exercise is that it is very simple and fast...

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Introducing Pinty Plus stencils for spray paint

We’ve recently introduced an exciting new addition to our range… Reusable stencils for spray painting. There are 10 different 30 x 30cm designs and the range includes repeat patterns and collections of images and text which can be used separately. The stencils are all designed to be used repeated times and can easily be cleaned...

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Make a scrapbook page with aQua 2017 craft sprays

It’s been a while since we brought you a scrapbooking tutorial so we’re very happy to team up with some of the creative minds at our HQ in Spain to do it again, this time using our stencils and aQua 2017 craft spray which is formulated especially for using in areas with low ventilation and...

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how to upcycle a stacking toy into a monochrome ornament

Upcycle a stackable toy tower into a decorative object

Those who have had small children at home will have a lot of toys that have been forgotten about itucked away in a cupboard or the loft. The best thing is to give them to someone who needs them, but if you are creative, we give you another possibility: transform a stackable toy tower into a...

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magnetic board created with spray paint

Creating a magnetised board with spray paint

The latest addition to our Pinty Plus Art range is an easy to use spray paint that allows you to turn almost any object into a magnetic surface. In this tutorial we show you how to apply it to wood to create an attractive magnet display board. Materials Pintyplus Art & Craft Magnetic Spray Plywood...

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Bedside table makeover

Here’s an inspiring upcycle which shows how you can turn dated furniture into something eye catching and contemporary using our spray paints. These bedside tables were looking rather sad when our resident upcycler Clare got hold of them, but they were solidly made and had a good shape so she could see there was potential....

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how to repaint interior doors with spray paint

Renew to repaint interior doors with Pintyplus spray

In this tutorial we will show you how to give your interior doors a new look using spray paint Material used:      Glitter varnish Pintyplus Evolution B199      Pintyplus Evolution RAL 9016 Traffic White      Pintyplus Tech Blue Forge      Newspaper pepel      Bodybuilder tape      Latex gloves Renew your doors with spray, step by...

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how to paint melamine furniture

How to makeover a melamine cabinet

This inspired makeover project comes from Hugarian blogger Masni Dekoració, who shows us how to give old melamine furniture a new and professional finish. Melamine is a resin-based material that is used to finish solid or fibreboard wood furniture, providing a hard, resistant and smooth layer. The big benefit of melamine is that when it...

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How to spray paint indoors

With autumn now here and the weather not quite as reliable as it has been for the last few months you may be wondering how you can carry on using our spray paints through the colder months, so here are some ideas. First of all bear in mind that for smaller projects our aQua 2017...

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how to paint a plastic suitcase using spray paints and reverse stencils

How to paint a plastic suitcase in five steps with Pintyplus

Would you like to be able to pick out your suitcase easily at the luggage carousel? Have you ever picked up a bag by mistake because it was identical to yours? If you want to make your suitcase stand out from the crowd, just follow this tutorial from our Spanish blogger Itziar we will show...

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Step by step tutorial for amazing upcycled bath tub chair made using an old bath, a pallet, cushions and spray paint.

How to upcycle a bath into a garden chair

Do you like upcycling? If so, you can not miss this project from the talented Vicky Myers Creations which shows you how to turn a bath into a garden chair. Vicky is a passionate upcycler and environmentalist and when her neighbour offered them a second hand bathtub she knew it had to be saved from...

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Ideas for decorating wicker baskets with spray paint

If you have an old basket which you want to customise or bring a little more up to date, spray paint is a really quick and easy way to transform it. Wicker baskets are great for holidays, but they are also very practical reusable and environmentally friendly bags for shopping all year round. In this...

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Easy tutorial for DIY icecream cone bunting using spray chalk paint and brown paper. Decoarte your garden for a summer party!

DIY icecream cone bunting

This tutorial for icecream bunting is the perfect way to dress up a garden for a summer party quickly, easily and cheaply and it’s really fun to make too. What you’ll need… Spray Chalk Finish Paint in pastel colours (we used Rose Garden, Mint Green, Peach & Sahara Beige, but Mustard would also be good)...

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vintage bookends tutorial

DIY vintage book ends

Here’s a simple tutorial from Robyn of The Little Woman Pretends which shows you how to create vintage style bookends using cheap MDF off cuts This tutorial also has some handy tips on distressing furniture without using sandpaper. Read on to find out more… The idea is to make some old wooden bookends using MDF...

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diy watercolour clock with spray paint

Watercolour effect clock

Have you seen the many beautiful Watercolour clocks on Pinterest? They are a great way to add a splash of colour to your home and in this tutorial we show you how to create the look at home quickly and easily using our spray paints. For this project you’ll need… 3 colours of Pinty Plus...

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