spray gesso from pintyplus

Spray Gesso: One of our most popular products

Have you discovered the Pintyplus Art range which includes our ever-popular spray Gesso ? This selection of specially designed aerosols for arts and crafts are versatile and easy to use. The Art range, like all of our Pintyplus products, is designed and produced in Spain by Novasol Spray, who are well known across Europe for...

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spray painted christmas table decorations

How to make a Christmas table decorations with Pintyplus spray

With so many things to prepare for Christmas day from presents to brussel sprouts, it’s easy to overlook dressing the festive table. In this tutorial from regular Pintyplusesr @unamamicrafter we share a speedy Christmas tutorial to create place names for your Christmas dinner guests using our range of spray paints. Materials and steps to make...

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ikea rast geometric hack

Ikea hack : Geometric style RAST chest of drawers

In this post, Spanish blogger Krispis shows us how to transform a plain wooden chest of drawers into a piece of furniture with personality using our new spray paint specially formatted for home decoration : Pintyplus Home As you can see although this project is not difficult the results are spectacular. The key is to...

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pintyplus home spray paint

Introducing Pintyplus HOME

Pintyplus HOME is a new range of water-based spray paints which have newly launched in the UK This new range has been formulated for use inside and outside the home and has no smell after painting and only minimal odor when applying. The range of colours have been specially selected by an interior design to...

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how to paint wicker furniture

How to paint wicker

Do you have a Lloyd Loom chair at home that needs a makeover or perhaps some wicker garden furniture? We often get inquiries from people who have a piece of wicker or rattan furniture they want to paint but don’t know where to begin. Our advice is always the same. If you are planning to...

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DIY Christmas with Pintyplus spray paint

This year there is more focus on ever on reducing waste, reusing what we have and embracing a simpler festive season. Upcycling and making do can be incredibly rewarding and over the years our creative customers and bloggers have shown how adding some spray paint can transform th eordinary into extraordinary. In this post we...

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halloween decorations decorated with spray paint

Colour your Halloween

Illuminated pumpkins, bat silhouettes and cobwebs! Halloween has become a global event with its own colour identity and every year the decorations become a little more extravagant and a little more playful. Anyone who has been watching The Great British Bake Off this year will have seen the fun Helena had introducing a little Gothic...

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how to get the best results from spray paint

Getting the best results with Pintyplus spray paint

Using spray paint can be creatively rewarding and give a really professional finish to your project. Spraying rather than brushing also helps to give a uniform finish and get the paint into places that a brush just couldn’t reach, but as with most things there is a right way of doing it and a wrong...

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spray painting flowers

Painted agapanthus stems

Some flowers and plants, such as agapanthus lose color and foliage when autumn comes. But with Pintyplus spray paints, we can make them bloom again and have beautiful colours. Spanish blogger Mrs. Cricket teaches us how to paint dried agapanthus. Agapanthus is the only genus in the subfamily Agapanthoide of the flowering plant family Amaryllidaceae....

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distance when using spray paint

How to get the best results from spray paint

Getting the best result when using spray paint isn’t complicated, but requires a certain technique, so we thought we’d write a post to give you a few tips on how to get the best results. Why use spray paint? First of all a little about why you might choose spray paint. Spray paint has many...

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How to spray paint kitchen units

If you have a tired outdated kitchen in need of a refresh spray painting the cabinet doors can be a quick and easy way to get a completely new look. In this post we look at one such makeover by Spanish blogger Olga Nieto from the blog El Rincón de la Creacion (The Creation Corner)...

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painting jars for food storage

Decorate jam jars with spray blackboard paint

In this post we show you a simple tutorial which will allow you to upcycle ordinary jam jars and turn them into stylish kitchen storage that you’ll want to keep on display Materials: Jam jars with lids Pintyplus spray blackboard paint Blackboard vinyl labels. How to decorate jars step by step Thoroughly clean the jars...

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how to transform a cork noticeboard with spray paint

Geometric style corkboard tutorial

In this post we show you how to give a cheap cork noticeboard an individual geometric look. We’re using a selection of colours from our spray paint range which allow you to quickly and cheaply transform home decor or furniture giving it a really professional finish. Materials you’ll need for this project : Cork noticeboard...

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using spray paint to make a lego blackboard

How to make a Lego blackboard for a child’s room

In this tutorial we show you how versatile and easy to use or blackboard spray paint is. In a few easy steps we’ll create a blackboard for a child’s room and decorate it with Lego pieces. Our blackboard paint in an aerosol is slate black with a matt finish and you can use real chalk...

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spray painted white wardrobe

How to paint a wardrobe with spray paint

One of the most interesting applications of spray painting is the restoration of furniture. It gives a smooth and professional finish and can complete transform the appearance of furniture whether free-standing or built-in like these wardrobes. For this project we used Evolution our hard-wearing acrylic spray paint to give one blogger’s bedroom a completely new...

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