painting jars for food storage

Decorate jam jars with spray blackboard paint

In this post we show you a simple tutorial which will allow you to upcycle ordinary jam jars and turn them into stylish kitchen storage that you’ll want to keep on display Materials: Jam jars with lids Pintyplus spray blackboard paint Blackboard vinyl labels. How to decorate jars step by step Thoroughly clean the jars...

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how to transform a cork noticeboard with spray paint

Geometric style corkboard tutorial

In this post we show you how to give a cheap cork noticeboard an individual geometric look. We’re using a selection of colours from our spray paint range which allow you to quickly and cheaply transform home decor or furniture giving it a really professional finish. Materials you’ll need for this project : Cork noticeboard...

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using spray paint to make a lego blackboard

How to make a Lego blackboard for a child’s room

In this tutorial we show you how versatile and easy to use or blackboard spray paint is. In a few easy steps we’ll create a blackboard for a child’s room and decorate it with Lego pieces. Our blackboard paint in an aerosol is slate black with a matt finish and you can use real chalk...

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spray painted white wardrobe

How to paint a wardrobe with spray paint

One of the most interesting applications of spray painting is the restoration of furniture. It gives a smooth and professional finish and can complete transform the appearance of furniture whether free-standing or built-in like these wardrobes. For this project we used Evolution our hard-wearing acrylic spray paint to give one blogger’s bedroom a completely new...

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stencil picture made with spray paints

Stencilled picture made with spray chalk paint

Apparently green is the colour of positivity, joy, peace and harmony! Green is also one of the easiest colours to match with interiors. These are two of the reasons why Mari Luz one of our Spanish bloggers picked mint green and vintage olive chalk paint to work with for this decorative project. Combining green with...

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before and after painted surf board

Customising a surf board with Pintyplus paints

In this post we show you how to use Evolution, our spray acrylic paint, to give your surfboard a makeover and a distinct new look. If you enjoy surfing you’ll know there are some amazing colours and designs of boards available and using spray paint is a great opportunity to create your own style of...

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spray painted rose gold cake stand

How to make a cake stand with rose gold spray paint

Rose Gold is the latest colour to be added to the Evolution range of paints produced by Pintyplus. It is an elegant and warming colour that works well on interior decor items and in this tutorial we show you how to use it to create a cake stand which would be perfect for a wedding...

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diy blackboard vegetable markers

How to make oversize vegetable markers

If you grow vegetables at home, you’ll know that it’s important to label the seedlings when you put them in the ground so you can recall what was planted where later in the season. As well as being useful, vegetable markers can also look really nice in a garden too. These DIY extra larger vegetable...

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Spray paint projects for the garden

During the summer months we are focussing on creative ideas for using Pintyplus paints in the garden and on this page we’ll be showing you a range of ideas for simple projects that can add colour and character to your garden. Just click on the image to read more details about each project. Upcycled tin...

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spray painted metal drawer handles

How to spray paint metal drawer handles

Giving new life to metal drawer handles using spray paint When you give a chest of drawers a makeover the handles are the finishing touch that completes the look. If you are stuck with dated brass handles you might be tempted to buy new ones entirely, but in this tutorial we’ll show you how you...

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painted crocs in watermelon colours

How to paint Crocs with spray paint

It’s the start of June and summer is officially here. Have you been digging out last year’s summer clothes? Do you have an old pair of Crocs you’d like to give a totally new look to before you hit the beach? Well this is the tutorial fr you. In a few easy steps we’ll show...

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Painting a Tripp Trapp with spray paint

Tripp Trapps are hugely popular wooden high chairs which are designed to last from babyhood to adulthood. As a result of their versatile design and the length of time you can use them in the home, they are an item which is really worth investing some time in maintaining. In this tutorial we show you...

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stencils that look like tiles

Create a rustic coat rack with stencils and spray paint

In this post we’ll be showing you how to use our PintyPlus tile style stencils combined with our chalk paint and metal primer to create a low cost rustic Mediterranean style coat rack quickly and easily. This tutorial also shows you how to use texture paste to give your stencils a 3D appearance. Materials For...

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DIY perpetual calendar using magnetic spray paint

Paint perpetual calendar with spray paint

We have all encountered the problem of calendars: December arrives, we change the year, and we must replace our calendar with a new one, no matter how much we like it. What if we could create a perpetual calendar ourselves? In this tutorial we show you how to create a perpetual calendar making use of one...

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the finished artificial christmas fireplace

Christmas fireplace with Pintyplus

It is well known by everyone that the fireplace is where Santa Claus enters the houses and where we hang stockings. But, oh no! Our blogger Cristina doesn’t have one (and we are sure she’s not alone!) That’s why she thought it would be a fun project to build one just for Christmas, to make sure that...

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