If you are self-isolating, social distancing or just finding yourself at home for longer than usual, don’t forget we are still dispatching DIY and paint supplies from our office in Hampshire to your door and of course, taking extra care to ensure all our staff who working in the warehouse wash their hands regularly whilst handling our stock.

10 easy DIY projects you can do at home with a can of spray paint

bbq refurbishment using high temperature paint

(1) Use high-temperature paint to revamp a barbecue before summer.

(2) Touch up kitchen appliances using our household appliance paint which is available in white or stainless steel

how to paint wicker furniture

(3) Give some old wicker furniture a totally new look with our Pintyplus spray chalk paint

(4) Paint an iron bed headboard in an afternoon

diy blackboard vegetable markers using spray blackboard paint

(5) If you’ve used the time to plant some vegetables why not make some oversized vegetable markers for your pots too

(6) Make a blackboard surface out of almost anything using our Pintyplus spray Blackboard paint. Useful if you suddenly find yourself home-schooling

painting jars for food storage

(7) Organise your kitchen and make jam jar storage  with blackboard lids(with all the extra store cupboard ingredients you’ll be using)

(8) Spray paint glass candle holders to give them a totally new look

(9) Make a garden bench out of an old cot

(10) Use our special Pintyplus radiator paint to revamp cast iron radiators

And 5 bonus ideas from our sister site…

And here’s some ideas using our sister product Plasti Dip, a flexible durable and removable (if you want it to be!) coating…

(1)  Repair a leaking garden water feature ready for summer

(2) Fix up your motorhome ready for the warmer months

(3) Coat a metal garden ornament to protect against rust

(4) Staying in the house more? Crochet some slippers and make them non-slip with Super Grip. This tutorial shows you how to crochet slippers in an hour

(5) Give your garden shed a camo style makeover