We echo a post by Le Petit Marché Aux Puces in which they showed us how to paint a Cast Iron Radiator using spray paint.

Three products are required for this project to etch, prime and paint the item: 

Cast Iron Rad 1

The old Cast Iron Radiator was in quite a state as you can see, so it was quite a challenge to face.

Cast Iron Rad 2

Clean the outside

The outside was treated with Greenox Paint Stripper which is ideal for tricky projects such as this. The product is applied from a distance of about 20 centimetres and allowed to work for 10 minutes. The process can be repeated if the paint has not softened enough. Then remove the paint with a wire brush or steel wool. When finished, clean well with solvent until no dust or paint remains.

Cast Iron Rad 3

Prime the Surface

Apply two coats of Pinty Plus Tech Ferric Primer. The spray allows you to easily reach all areas of the radiator and coat it effectively. Allow to dry completely for about 24 hours.

Cast Iron Rad 4

Paint Finish

Finally apply a coat of Pinty Plus Evolution spray paint. Marta chose black for a serious, traditional look, but there are many colours to choose from.

Cast Iron Rad 5

Cleaning the internal radiator circuit

The radiator had rust everywhere, especially internally where it cannot be seen. To remove rust from the internal circuit insert vinegar inside and leave for several hours, turning the radiator so that the vinegar reaches all corners. You can repeat the process until the vinegar comes out more or less clean.

Cast Iron Rad 6

What a stunning transformation of this vintage-style Cast Iron radiator. Well worth the effort and time, although these spray products made light work of the external revamp process.