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NB – Videos with Spanish titles, usually contain no or very little Spanish in the videos

Festive garland

DIY MDF Christmas Tree

How to make a magnetic children’s height chart

How to stencil an Ikea stool

Plastic suitcase makeover

Icecream cone bunting

Marbling with spray paint

DIY budget clock makeover

DIY wooden garland

DIY Ombre paper lantern

How to spray a silicone phone case

How to paint terracotta pots

How to paint plastic

Personalising cutlery with spray paint

How to spray paint a Batman bike

How to makeover a fridge with blackboard paint

How to upcycle wooden wine boxes

How to use Ultra Violet the Pantene colour of 2018…

How to make a countdown to Christmas chalkboard

How to paint a Lloyd Loom chair

New Pinty Plus aQua spray paint for crafts

Pinty Plus aQua precision spray nozzle

Spray chalk paint wooden chest makeover and distressing

Wicker flower pot with aQua paint

How to make wall art with aQua spray paint for crafts

How to distress furniture with chalk spray paint

How to stencil with spray paint

How to use Pinty Plus spray chalk paint

Sprayed wicker picnic basket

Upcycled hanging garden

Bollywood style painted closet

Decoupage & painted shelf from an upcycled wine box

Transforming a cheap plastic clock into a industrial look timepiece

Bricoydeco transforms a small office and adds a stylish touch by spraying wall clocks with Pinty Plus Tech Stainless Steel spray paint.

Find Your Flare

In the world of Pinty Plus


Let’s shake & paint…

Metallic Effect Glass

Materials required;


Chalk Painted Christmas Tree

Why not change the colour and effect of your Christmas tree? It’s easy, take a look!

New Pinty Plus Spray Gun

Here is the promotional video, but you can find further information in our blog post.

Crackle Effect with Chalk Spray Paint

You can create this effect using a can of Pinty Plus universal Primer and a can of Pinty Plus Chalk Spray paint in your choice of colour. Watch this tutorial to find out how it’s done.

Marbling and Creative Ideas by Ale Arana

Halloween – Wooden Pumpkins

A simple but effective craft idea using;

Cork World Map

You can create this stylish cork-board map to plot your travels on, using the following products and items:

Eurobrico DIY Fair 2016

To capture the attention and imagination of the trade fair goers, a tactile, hands-on approach was adopted by the Novasol Spray Team in Valencia. The space allowed demonstrations to take place amongst the already painted multi-coloured sets, showing various finishes on an assortment of items including a fridge. We were lucky to have Mari Luz blog Brico and Deco in attendance, who in addition, explained each process in detail. The Novasol Spray Team also solved the most common questions that customers ask in store.


Granite Effect in 3 Shades

Create this effect with Pintyplus Chalk Spray paint. Our video shows the technique.


Rusted Effect Forge Paint Tutorial

This creative effect was developed using Pinty Plus Tech Forge spray paint in red, blue and green.

You will also need salt, a plastic bag and a letter or other object to spray.

This tutorial will provide you with a new skill for creating a “rust effect” finish on your decorating projects. Brought to you by Bricoydeco. We hope to enjoy it.

Decorate a Wicker Bag in 20 Minutes

Using Pintyplus Chalk Spray Paint and a stencil, plus ribbon.

Urban Artist

Uses Pintyplus Basic Range

Colour Your Light Switch Cover

Using Pintyplus Evolution Range

Distressed Effect with Two-tone Chalk

Redesign your Lamp over and over again

Decoupage Letter

All you need;

Need New Cupboard Door Knobs?

It’s easy with Pintyplus Evolution (Turquoise).

Forging New Colours – Pintyplus Tech Range

New colours will be available soon.

Spray Silicone Phone Case

Using Colourless Primer for Plastics and Pintyplus Evolution spray paint (Gloss Antique Pink). It remains Flexible!

Revive your oven controls

Pintyplus Evolution is the solution.

Ensure the control knobs are thoroughly clean and grease-free before starting.

Sweet Jars

All you need is:

Painted Microwave

It’s easy to achieve a professional finish and update the look of your microwave with quick drying Pintyplus Evolution spray paint.

Decorated Tin


Blue and Cream Cabinet

Pinty Plus – Behind the scenes

The time has come! The most important character has finally the pleasure to present his family: Novasol Spray.

The family is forever growing!

Wicker Chair Makeover

Two cans of Chalk Spray Paint (apply two coats) is all you need to achieve this look.

It’s best to choose a still day to spray outdoors to avoid wasting paint…it was a bit breezy when this video was made!

Evolution Yellow on an Old Chair

Ikea Chair Transformation with Chalk Paint

Industrial Style Bucket

Rejuvenated Bike; Paint & Stencil

Layered Effect Acrylic Table

Follow this video to find out how to transform your Acrylic table into a more unusual and attractive piece of furniture. You will need; Masking Tape, Pintyplus Evolution aerosol Cream and Pintyplus Evolution aerosol Silver and an Acrylic table that has been thoroughly cleaned and dried.

Coffee Lovers Heart Plaque

This video shows you how to create a unique plaque, ideal as a gift or to display in your home. All you need is an aerosol can of Pintyplus Tech Forge paint, an aerosol can of Pintyplus Silver Chrome paint, a flat piece of wood, coffee beans, a piece of foil, a hot glue gun, a paper heart template and a piece of chalk…

Cabinet Revamp

Cosmos Effect with spray paint

How to spray a chair with chalk paint

Glass jar candle holders

How to make a DIY candle holder from a glass jar and personalize it using our Forge Spray paint.

 How to spray a chandelier

Bubbling technique with Pintyplus spray

How to tie dye clothing

Painting a pot with spray paint

Stone effect on glass with PINTYPLUS

Restoring a barbecue with PINTYPLUS

Marta from the 2ND FUNNIEST THING explains how with only three easy steps we can restore our barbecue

High Temperature Paint PINTYPLUS TECH

Step 1: Preparation

1) With the screwdriver dismount the barbecue.

2) Sand the surface.

3) We clean with a cloth and alcohol to remove remaining dust.

Step 2: Paint the barbecue and the metal parts.

1) From a distance of 25 cm we apply uniform layers of HIGH Temperature Paint PINTYPLUS TECH

2) Let it dry long enough as indicated on the package.

Step 3. Mounting the bbq.

1) We mount our barbecue

2) Once the paint is dry we can mount back the barbecue

We light the barbecue so it will progressively take temperature and it will let the paint to reticule with the heat and to reach to the maximum performance.

Congratulations! Enjoy your restored Barbecue.

Forged spray paint effect with Pintyplus spray

Marta from the 2nd FUNNIEST THING explains how with three easy steps we can give a forge antique effect to an object.



A piece of cloth

Sanding paper for iron

And the lamp or the object you want to transform.

STEP 1. Preparation.

1) With the help of the pliers we remove the glass.

2) We remove the handle and all that is superfluous.

3) Sand the all surfaces to be painted.

4) With  a cotton cloth we clean well to remove all the dust and dirt

STEP 2. Paint the lamp with Forge Paint.

1) Shake the can for 1 minute after we hear the mixing balls. This step is important because the Forge effect needs quite a shake.

2) Apply thin layers of PINTYPLUS TECH FORGE keeping a distance of 25 cm. Let it dry between layers to obtain maximum anchorage

STEP 3. Reassemble the lamp.

1) Check the paint is completely dry.

2) We remove the masking tape.

3) Assemble the handle and crystals.

Congratulations! Enjoy your lamp with a forge antique effect.

Creating a marble effect with Pintyplus spray

Marta from the second FUNNIEST THING explains who with only three easy steps we can create one marbled effect box very decorative.




Sand paper

Masking Tape

…and a wooden box

STEP 1. Preparation.

Sand the surface on the box which we will decorate

Clean the surface with a clean and dry brush

Put the masking tape on the edges and on the sides.

STEP 2. Prepare the paint.

1) Pour the water.

2) From 20 cm we will spray the water surface with the three colors that we have chosen: one to the left other to the right and the last to the center.

3) With a stick we will mix the colors to create the marble effect. It is important to move fast in this step and not allow the paint to dry.

STEP 3. Decoration of the box.

1) Once achieved the desired decoration we close carefully the surface of the box to the surface of the water and we let to enter in contact with the paint which is in suspension on the surface of the water.

2) Slowly lift it from the surface.

3) Let it dry for a few minutes.

4) Repeat the action on the other sides.

5) Let it dry and remove the masking tape.

Congratulations! Enjoy your new Marbled Box!