Looking for some budget seating for your patio or just a great way to reuse a cot that is no longer needed? Thanks to this inspired ??upcycling project you will learn how to recycle a cot and transform it into practical seating for your terrace or garden.

You know that we love to recycle and give a second life to furniture and objects, not only because it is a budget friendly way to decorate without spending a fortune, but also because it’s good for the environment. One of our Spanish bloggers, Mari Luz of Bricoydeco.com tells us how on one of her bike rides he discovered this cot thrown in a ditch.

Fortunately she was able to see the potential in this discarded bit of a furniture and came up with a great upcycling idea.

Materials for painting a crib     

Copper effect spray paint Pintyplus Basic     

Pintyplus Evolution spray varnish     

Medium grain sandpaper or abrasive sponge     


How to recycle a crib with spray paint

In the following video you can see how the transformation of this cradle into a terrace sofa has been achieved

First, the entire surface is sanded. This type of furniture has a varnished finish that hinders the adhesion of the paint. For this reason, our recommendation is to perform a surface sanding with a medium-grain sandpaper. In addition, considering the rounded shape of the bars, it will be easier to use an abrasive sponge.     

Then clean the entire surface thoroughly with alcohol  This eliminates both the dust resulting from the sanding, and the debris from dirt due to weathering.    

The next step is to paint the backrest and the two sides of the crib with spray paint effect copper Pintyplus Basic. To do this, shake the spray bottle for one minute after hearing the balls in the can start to move and spray at a distance of about 25/30 cm.     

When painting parts horizontally, it is very important to tilt the can slightly. If you angle it too horizontally, it may drip on the surface. Also, remember that it is always preferable to apply several thin layers.     

Once one side has dried (about 30 minutes), the piece is turned and painted on the other.     Finally, spray varnish is applied to provide greater protection for outdoor furniture.

Finally, a foam mattress is placed on the seat, as well as several cushions to make this couch for terrace more comfortable. We think the result is stunning!

Products used in this project…

Pinty Plus basic copper

Pinty Plus varnish