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Pintyplus - Home Spray Paint - 400ml

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For varnish & protection, see also our Water-Based Art&Craft range: Here 

Pintyplus Home has been specifically designed to paint any surface in your home from walls, gates and doors to furniture and decorative objects!  It is formulated with water-based resins and is environmentally friendly.  It is low odour and therefore suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

You can also buy a set of different size nozzles which can be swapped around depending on the size of the object you are spraying (see video below). 

Please note interchangeable red and yellow nozzles are not compatible with Home varnish or Home Brass.

PintyPlus Home is cost-effective at up to 3m² coverage with one can and is even removable within the first few minutes with the use of soap and water.

Which varnish?

Pintyplus Home range has its own varnish.  To add it to your basket simply select from the dropdown options above, it is listed alphabetically under "Varnish".  You can find out more about varnishes in this blog post

Painting a wicker chair?

If you are planning to paint a wicker or Lloyd Loom chair, we have a blog post about it that will give you some advice on technique and quantities, read it here

Where to apply PintyPlus HOME spray paint

Its applications are almost infinite, as it is safe to use and can adhere to any surface.  It can do sections of walls, doors, windows as well as common pieces of furniture like cabinets, sideboards, cupboards, headboards, tables or chairs; decorative objects of all types like clay figures, frames, vases can also be painted with PintyPlus Home.  It will even adhere to textiles such as small carpets or decorative pillows!

List of materials where Pintyplus HOME can be applied

1. Wood in general, MDF, chipboard panels, wood veneers.
2. Glass, clay, ceramics and tiles (with the previous layer of Pintyplus Universal Primer).
3. Paper, cardboard or paper-faced foam board, rubber, cork, and foams in genera, Styrofoam, etc.
4. Vegetable fibers such as bamboo, hemp, etc.
5. Felt.
6. Methacrylate and polycarbonate.
7. Metals (except aluminum).
8. Hard plastics, rigid-transparent-flexible PVC and Forex (with previous Pintyplus Plastic Primer).
9. Soft plastic, nets, and bags made of polyethylene, cellular polypropylene and Porex (expanded polystyrene).
10. Textiles such as wool, linen or cotton, felt, etc.

Technical characteristics for Pintyplus HOME

  • 400ml format size cans
  • Matt colours
  • Spreading = 3m²
  • Drying time:  1 hour (15 minutes for porous surfaces)
  • Repainted:  after 30 minutes
  • Leave primer to dry for 24 hours before applying paint
  • Excellent adhesion on wood, rope, methacrylate, cork, polystyrene, carbon and stainless steel
  • Low level of odour
  • Doesn't run

How to use water-based PintyPlus Home spray paint

This aerosol is extremely easy to use.  We always recommend cleaning the surface you will spray prior to application:  it is important for the surface to be dry and free of contaminants, especially oil, greases and silicone as it will repel the layer of paint. We recommend to test the paint in a small area first to see if a layer of primer is needed.

1. Shake the spray vigorously for about 30 seconds after hearing the balls sound.  We strongly recommend to test it before surface application on a piece of paper so you can measure the proper spray distance; each job may require a different distance depending on the object you are going to paint.  The larger the surface area is, the more you need to increase the distance of spraying from the object.  The recommended distance is 15-20cm.

2. Spray criss-cross layers.
In order to get full coverage, it helps to spray from top to bottom and then from one side to the other side.  Doing this will prevent patchiness, but sometimes it isn’t necessary if you have good control of the spray.  This paint covers a large surface and is easy to apply smoothly.

3. Clean the nozzle.
Once you have finished spraying your desired item, invert the spray can upside down and press the nozzle until only gas comes out.  This will clean the paint circuit and prevent it from clogging so you can use it in future occasions.

4. Can be removed with soap and water in the first 15 minutes (before it dries) in case an object was painted accidentally.


Recommendations for spray paint Pintyplus Home

Test the product before you start painting, test a small area of the material in order to avoid any incompatibilities.

On already painted surfaces, sand the surface to facilitate adhesion.  If the paint is in poor condition, it is better to remove it completely by sanding or using the Pintyplus paint stripper.

To paint on plastic, apply a previous layer of primer Pintyplus Plastic Primer from the TECH range.  This primer will also allow you to paint on glass.

Do not use on devices connected to the electrical network and apply in ventilated areas.

Once empty, the aerosol should be deposited in an appropriate bin, can be recycled - please check your local guide.

Actual colour may vary from on-screen representation.  To confirm your colour choices prior to purchase, please view a physical colour chart made with stickers painted with real paint, colour card, or painted sample available at your local point of sale.

Safety data sheets

Neutral White
White Milk
White Linen
Toasted Linen 
Brown Taupe
Grey Moon
Light Rose
Ancient Rose
Old Wine
Foggy Blue
Dusty Blue
Ancient Klein
Vintage Green
Green Wood
Rainy Grey
Thundercloud Grey
Matt Varnish
Gloss Varnish