In this blog post we look at the different types of varnish we sell and explain why you might choose to finish your piece with them and which will work best. Pintyplus make matt, satin and gloss varnishes all of which are clear and don’t yellow. They are easy to apply and provide a protective topcoat which is almost invisible.

varnish options

Do I need to varnish?

There are a number of things to consider…

  • Which paint have you used? (chalk paint requires finishing with either wax or varnish)
  • Where is the object going to be located (varnish adds waterproofing and weather protection)
  • How much wear is your object going to get? (additional layers of paint and/or varnish will ensure the paint lasts longer if it’s going to get a lot of contact)

Varnish doesn’t actually add a significant extra cost to your project as you only need to apply one coat (we advise two or three of paint) You’ll find once you purchase it that you tend to have the same can open for a while and use it for several projects.

Art Range

  • Special water-based varnish – A low-odour, fast-drying water-based varnish which we created especially for crafters working on projects indoors. Available in gloss, satin or matt, this varnish is a good all-rounder and can be used as a finish for any of our paints for small or large pieces. Choose this if you want to give a gloss finish to chalk paint
  • Crafts varnish – A fast-drying acrylic varnish for crafts. Available in a gloss, satin or matt
  • Varnish for oil paintings – Protect and restore your oil paintings without altering their natural colour with this clear glossy spray acrylic varnish

Pintyplus - Art - Special Water-Based Varnish for Crafts - 400ml

Clear colourless varnish and suitable for indoors


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Pintyplus - Art - Crafts Varnish - 400ml

Fast drying acrylic craft varnish spray. Does not yellow.


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Pintyplus - Art - Varnish for Oil Paintings - 200ml

Protects and restores oil paintings


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Varnishes for Home & Chalk

Although these varnishes were created for specific paint ranges they are interchangeable, so if you find our chalk or Home is out of stock, you can swap for the equivalent from the other range. Both are low-odour and water-based, the chalk varnish comes in matt finish only, where as Home has a choice of matt and gloss.

Pintyplus - Matt Varnish for Chalk Spray Paint - 400ml

PintyPlus wax in spray for wood and surfaces painted with chalk paint


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Pintyplus - Home Spray Paint - 400ml


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Varnishes for Evolution

Evolution is our hard-wearing range of acrylic paints which come in a matt, gloss or satin finish, each of these sub-ranges also has it’s own varnish associated with it, ideal for finishing furniture or any craft project. Click on the paint images below to choose the varnish.

Pintyplus - Evolution - Satin - 400ml

Extra-quick drying RAL Satin spray paint.  Suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.


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Pintyplus - Evolution - Matt - 400ml

Extra-quick drying RAL Matt acrylic spray paint. Suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.


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Pintyplus - Evolution - Gloss - 400ml

Extra-quick drying RAL Gloss acrylic spray paint. Suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.


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