In this post we show you how to give a cheap cork noticeboard an individual geometric look. We’re using a selection of colours from our spray paint range which allow you to quickly and cheaply transform home decor or furniture giving it a really professional finish.

how to transform a cork noticeboard with spray paint

Materials you’ll need for this project :

materials required to paint a cork board

How to make a geometric style cork noticeboard

For this project we have chosen colours from two different paint ranges. Our chalk paint gives a chalky matt finish and is available in 19 different colours and Basic is our economical and multi-functional gloss spray paint. We’ve selected colours from both to give a bit of variety to the finished product.

1º.- Cover the areas that we do not want to paint with spray paint

To begin we need to mask off the areas we don’t want covered in paint using masking tape and newspaper.

using spray paint on a cork board

Ensure that the masking tape is stuck down firmly, especially at the transition point between the frame and the cork board so that the paint doesn’t get in to areas where we don’t want it. Spending a bit of extra time on this part ensures that the finish looks really good.

using spray paint on a cork board

2º.- Paint

Next we spray each of the sections with the different paint colours to make our corkboard match the rest of the decoration of the sewing room it is being customised for. With Pintyplus Basic it is advisable to paint about 25 cm from the surface. After spraying the noticeboard, let the paint dry.

spray painted geometric noticeboard spray painted geometric noticeboard

The Chalk Paint finish is matte, and with a thin layer, it covers very effectively. It is important to spray the paint in short sweeping movements across the surface and not to keep pressing on the can and spraying paint in one spot as this may cause the colour to build up and run.

spray painting a noticeboard

Let dry, so the cork has absorbed the paint and decide whether to give a second layer

how to spray paint a corkboard

3º.- Remove the masking tape from the painted surface:

Once dry, we remove the newspaper and the masking tape to reveal the final design

geometric cork board tutorial

4º.- Fit the eyebolt to hang the noticeboard

Finally we fit the eyebolts to the back of the frame so we can hang our noticeboard on the wall.

geometric cork board

5º.- Add pins

As a final touch add some cute pins to give your noticeboard a finished looked. Now we have a place where we can keep photos and designs for inspiraion for our sewing projects.

coloured pins for corkboard

If this project inspires you we’d love to see what you do with our paints. Please share photos with us on social media using the hashtag #pintypluser. You can follow us on social media using the links below.

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