During the summer months we are focussing on creative ideas for using Pintyplus paints in the garden and on this page we’ll be showing you a range of ideas for simple projects that can add colour and character to your garden. Just click on the image to read more details about each project.

Upcycled tin hanging garden…

upcycled hanging garden

Outdoor Twister using our water based aQua paints

Vintage watering can using spray chalk paint.

Brighten up your hanging baskets…

painted hanging baskets

Rejuvenated garden spring painted with forge paint.

BBQ Refurbish with Pintyplus high-temperature paint

bbq refurbishment using high temperature paint

Make oversize vegetable markers with blackboard paint

diy blackboard vegetable markers using spray blackboard paint

Outdoor chessboard by blogger Rachael Jess

outdoor chessboard

Benches makeover from Crummy Mummy

wooden bench respray

709 - Pintyplus - Gun For Spray Paints


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Pintyplus - Chalk Spray Paint - 400ml

CHALK PAINT in an aerosol.  Gives an ultra matt finish in a choice of superb colours.  Perfect on any surface!


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Pintyplus - Art - Blackboard Paint - 400ml

Blackboard paint, black color and matte finish


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Pintyplus - Tech - High Temperature Paint - 400ml

Spray paint for temperatures up to 600ºC.


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