Beautiful vintage image of a watering can you send us Olga Yellow Brick Inventing blog. We are not tired of seeing more and more beautiful things … boundless creativity. This image is an example of what can be painted with our Pintyplus chalk spray paint . You can paint on many surfaces, in this case on tin and wood with maximum comfort spray. Uncover, press, paint and cover again. Best of all is the little time you spend even finish and free of annoying strokes.

The border has got a piece of lace that had left in a drawer and he has served as a template for applying paint.


Keep in mind that this is a chalk-based paint and so heavily loaded during paint solids are suspended and fail to adhere to the surface, but to settle. For this reason we recommend a dry cloth pass on 15 minutes to remove the dust that has not acceded. You can also finish the job by giving a coat of water-based varnish Pintyplus (importantly, it is waterborne) or give a little wax with a cloth in the case of working with wood.

By the way, very good choice of colors and congratulate you for your styling. We want more!

Source:  Inventing Yellow Brick