Do you want to create an attractive hanging garden using waste tin cans? With this upcycling project you can brighten up any corner of your home or garden with a small budget and some simple materials.

Follow this tutorial and you can have it finished in an afternoon. In this short video tutorial (not in Spanish language, that’s just the title!) Día, our ambassador in Hungary, shows us how to make a hanging garden using cans as flowerpots.

Materials for making a hanging garden with pots

Tin cans – You can choose cans of different sizes or all the same if you are looking for a more uniform look.     

Paint Pintyplus Chalk Paint spray – Different colors such as powdered rose, turquoise or ash gray have been used for this project.     

Colorful rope or string –  recycled shoe laces are perfect for the job.     

Cable ties, drill, scissors

As you will have seen in the video, you only need a few steps to transform the cans into planters. First clean them and remove the labels. Next, we will make three holes at the open end of the can.

Then shake the Chalk Paint Pintyplus can for one minute. Spray at a slight angle to the surface and apply the paint keeping a distance of about 35/30 centimeters. It is not complicated but remember that to get the best result it is advisable to apply several light layers until the surface is covered completely.

Once the paint has dried, pass the cord or shoelace through each of the holes in the can. The inner end of the rope is burned so that it does not fray and is secured with a cable tie. This prevents the rope from coming back through the hole. Cut the excess plastic with scissors.  Another option for securing the ropes would have been to make a knot at the end, but the thickness of the rope would have taken up a lot of room in the pot.

Finally, the ends of the strings are joined together and are joined with a flange. This way you can hang the flowerpot from any stand.

The combination of the colors of the cans, along with the color of the ropes and flowers, make this hanging garden a very cheerful feature.

Painting metal with spray paint

This upcycling project seeks a decorative effect, although when painting metal with spray paint, the following must be taken into account:     

It is highly recommended to use primer before painting, this prevents rust and improves the adhesion of the paint. Remember that our spray forging paint is a 2 in 1 primer and paint which prevents rust, making it ideal for painting metals.     

If the can is already rusty, sand the rust and apply an anticorrosive primer (eg, Pintyplus Tech galvanic spray primer.)    If you use chalk paint, remember to give it a final spray with our matt or gloss varnish  to finish.

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