Your old wrought iron garden furniture might look unloved and ready for the scrap heap, but it could be a little gem waiting to be discovered. In this tutorial by Dekorella (Hungary’s most active Pintypluser), you will find out how you can revive and completely transform an old, rusted garden swing into a beautiful and useable garden feature to enjoy for years to come.


First they removed the wooden slats from the seat of their old garden swing. Seven new ones were purchased to replace the seat base and back, which we sanded and varnished.


The frame needed some TLC, so instead of sanding it down we took the easy option and used Greenox Stripper to soften the remaining old paint. After waiting a few minutes for it to penetrate the paint , it was easy to remove it using a spatula. This process can be repeated if necessary.


On to the fun part…the painting. Remember to shake the Forge paint well ,to mix the contents thoroughly, before spraying.

Forge paint is both a primer and paint, which will protect the metal structure from corrosion, whilst giving a spectacular finish. We chose black Forge paint, but you can choose from the selection of colours available.


For the final touch we used some letter templates/stencils to create the word Ringato meaning “Swing”. For this purpose we used Pinty Plus Evolution Acrylic spray paint in black.

The new sanded and varnished wooden slats were secured in place to complete the project.

garden-swing-6 garden-swing-7

It has never been easier to renovate garden furniture. These products aim to make each project simple to achieve, giving you the satisfaction of renewing your garden furniture with your own bare hands, without it taking up too much of your time.

Then you can relax and enjoy it, whilst admiring your handy work.