how to transform a cork noticeboard with spray paint

Geometric style corkboard tutorial

In this post we show you how to give a cheap cork noticeboard an individual geometric look. We’re using a selection of colours from our spray paint range which allow you to quickly and cheaply transform home decor or furniture giving it a really professional finish. Materials you’ll need for this project : Cork noticeboard...

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Painting a Tripp Trapp with spray paint

Tripp Trapps are hugely popular wooden high chairs which are designed to last from babyhood to adulthood. As a result of their versatile design and the length of time you can use them in the home, they are an item which is really worth investing some time in maintaining. In this tutorial we show you...

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Before and after chalk paint furniture makeover. Step by step tutorial showing how to transform a cabinet with chalk paint. This project uses turquoise paint on a varnished wood surface.

Makeover a wooden cabinet with spray chalk paint

One of the most rewarding ways to use our spray chalk paint is to restore old furniture. In this post we are going to show you how we have transformed an old piece of furniture. It is a cabinet which with a bit of time and materials has been transformed into a beautiful piece of furniture. Materials...

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how to spray paint a lloyd loom chair

How to paint a Lloyd Loom Chair

One of the most popular questions we get asked is whether our chalk paint is suitable for Lloyd Loom chairs and wicker furniture, so we’ve decided to answer that question in this blog post. What is a Lloyd Loom chair? The Lloyd Loom process of creating wicker furniture was patented by Marshall Burns Lloyd in 1917...

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Ideas for decorating wicker baskets with spray paint

If you have an old basket which you want to customise or bring a little more up to date, spray paint is a really quick and easy way to transform it. Wicker baskets are great for holidays, but they are also very practical reusable and environmentally friendly bags for shopping all year round. In this...

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Easy tutorial for DIY icecream cone bunting using spray chalk paint and brown paper. Decoarte your garden for a summer party!

DIY icecream cone bunting

This tutorial for icecream bunting is the perfect way to dress up a garden for a summer party quickly, easily and cheaply and it’s really fun to make too. What you’ll need… Spray Chalk Finish Paint in pastel colours (we used Rose Garden, Mint Green, Peach & Sahara Beige, but Mustard would also be good)...

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vintage bookends tutorial

DIY vintage book ends

Here’s a simple tutorial from Robyn of The Little Woman Pretends which shows you how to create vintage style bookends using cheap MDF off cuts This tutorial also has some handy tips on distressing furniture without using sandpaper. Read on to find out more… The idea is to make some old wooden bookends using MDF...

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glue pen art with spray paint

How to make an inscription with raised letters on a canvas

If you have a gallery wall you can easily add your own DIY artwork highlighting a message or motto. Just think of a phrase or word that inspires and think of a colour, then follow our step by step guide showing you how to make an inscription with raised letters on a canvas using a...

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Make your own DIY garland of wooden balls with spray chalk

Make your own wooden balls garland with your favourite colors of Pintyplus chalk with this simple tutorial from SteffiDo… Materials to make garland of wooden balls      Perforated wooden balls.     2 wooden washers     4 or 5 colors Pintyplus chalk.     Fine thread or string     Wooden sticks or toothpicks. How to make the...

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spray paint organiser

DIY Spray paint organiser from beer crate

Don’t know where to store your Pinty Plus cans? Don’t miss this idea to make your own organizer for paint aerosols. If you have a pub nearby then even better as you’ll have the raw materials close at hand, all you need to do is follow this step-by-step tutorial. Materials to make an organizer with...

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upcycled pineapple organiser tutorial with video

DIY pineapple style upcycled organiser

Are you looking for a craft to entertain your children while developing their creativity? This tutorial shows you how to make a fun organiser with cans and spray paint. This great upcycling craft project was put together by one of our Spanish bloggers ‘El Taller de Ire’ and is a good way to keep the...

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how to paint terracotta pots with spray paint

How to paint terracotta pots

At this time of year our focus is switching to the garden and in this tutorial we will show you a quick and easy way to add colour to your patio planters using our spray chalk paint. There are some beautiful painted garden pot ideas on Pinterest and we’ve compiled a few in our...

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Tutorial : Restoring a desk chair with chalk paint

In this post we are sharing a beautiful DIY from France which shows the step by step process to restore a child’s desk chair with chalk finish paint Pintyplus. These vintage chairs have got so much charm that they deserve to be restored so another generation can get use from them. The idea of ??restoring...

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Meet the stockist : Charley at The Gift Boutique in Petersfield

In our first of a series of features on our Pinty Plus stockisrts, we meet Charley who runs the Petersfield Gift Shop. She tells us how her love of crafting inspired her to change career and how her shop once inspired someone to ask a life changing question! How long has your shop been open...

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Did you see our first Facebook Live demo?

Yesterday we did our first live makeover on Facebook broadcasting from our offices in Hampshire. One of our Pinty Plusesrs Clare used our spray chalk paint to transform a charity shop wicker side table in under 15 minutes. If you want to see how easy and quick it is to use our paint, do watch...

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