One of the most rewarding ways to use our spray chalk paint is to restore old furniture. In this post we are going to show you how we have transformed an old piece of furniture. It is a cabinet which with a bit of time and materials has been transformed into a beautiful piece of furniture.


  • Chalk Finish Spray Paint
  • Greenox Permanent Adhesive
  • Primer
  • Masking tape
  • Cloth to clean

How to paint furniture with spray chalk paint

We have an old piece of furniture and we are going to turn it into something new and beautiful. Painting a piece of furniture with spray is simple and fun and when you start spraying you will not be able to stop!


Before and after chalk paint furniture makeover. Step by step tutorial showing how to transform a cabinet with chalk paint. This project uses turquoise paint on a varnished wood surface.

1º.- Unscrew and sand

The first thing we are going to do is remove the handles and sand the table to eliminate the varnish.

preparing furniture to paint with chalk paint keying the surface of furniture

2nd.- We clean and print

Secondly, we remove the dirt by passing a damp cloth across the surface of the table. Then we apply our spray primer. We’ll have to let it dry for an hour, one can should cover the whole cabinet.

Cleaning furniture before painting Spraying wooden furniture with chalk paint

3º.- Paint the fixings

Next we will paint the handles with Pintyplus Evolution in mustard.

Spraying metal fixings with paint

4º.- Painting the interior

Once the primer is dry, we will start to paint. First we paint the interior with chalk paint in Olive Green. As the wood inside the cabinet was untreated, we have not applied any primer.

Spraying the interior of a cabinet with chalk paint

5º.- Painting doors and sides

Next we paint the doors and the sides. We have chosen turquoise for this.

Applying chalk paint in a spray Chalk paint in an aerosol

6º.- Paint the rest

We continue painting the top and bottom, where the moldings are. We are using stone grey in this area and have used masking tape to protect the areas we have already sprayed.

Using masking tape to prepare areas before spray painting Masking tape on wooden cabinet

7º.- Cover with wallpaper

The upper part we have only primed but not painted because we are going to cover it with wallpaper. For this we have used permanent adhesive spray. Apply a thin layer and place the paper carefully so that it is properly stuck down.

Using wallpaper for cabinet upcycle Tile effect wallpaper

8º.- Painting the drawer

In the same way that we have done with the cabinet, the interior drawer has been painted with chalk paint in peach color and the front has also been lined with the remains of paper lining the top of the table.

Spraying the inside of drawers with chalk paint Using chalk paint to paint drawers

And we have it! In a very short time we have managed to transform our cabinet and give it a new life. If you do something similar with our spray paints we’d love to see it, share your phots on social media and use the hashtag #pintypluser.

Upcycled cabinet with turquoise chalk paint