At this time of year our focus is switching to the garden and in this tutorial we will show you a quick and easy way to add colour to your patio planters using our spray chalk paint.

how to paint terracotta pots with spray paint

There are some beautiful painted garden pot ideas on Pinterest and we’ve compiled a few in our Terracotta Pots Pinterest board, so if you are looking for some inspiration for designs and colours for your garden, have a look there first.


Terracotta is a pourous surface and so our chalk paint can be applied directly to it without a primer which makes this project extremely quick and effective. Though one word of warning, if your pots have been standing around for a while outside you will need to ensure that the surface is clean before you begin, depending on the extent of the dirt, this can be as simple as dusting them off, or it may involve using some wire wool to remove algae.

The pots we used for this project were bought brand new from a garden centre and cost less than £2 each, but of course you can do this with larger or older terracotta pots too.

For this project you will need…

Pinty Plus chalk finish spray paint
Pinty Plus clear matt varnish

You’ll only need a very small amount from each can to do each small pot and you can choose to do several colours or make them all the same. Each aerosol covers approximately 2m2.

Tips for this project :

• Remember to keep the aerosol 25-30cm from the surface of the object
• Allow adequate ventilation, sprayng outdoors is ideal at this time of year
• Mask off areas of the pot to keep a little of the original colour showing through
• Finish your pot with Pinty Plus spray matt varnish to waterproof and protect the paint for year round outdoor use
• Some terracotta pots are finished and have a smooth surface to them, these pots are non-porous and so you will need to apply primer to them before spraying with chalk paint

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