In this post we are sharing a beautiful DIY from France which shows the step by step process to restore a child’s desk chair with chalk finish paint Pintyplus. These vintage chairs have got so much charm that they deserve to be restored so another generation can get use from them.

vintage french children's school chair

The idea of ??restoring this desk chair is to take the wooden parts back to their original state and paint the iron structure with chalk paint finish.

Materials required…    

• Alcohol and a rag     

• Screwdriver    

Pintyplus Tech Ferric Primer    

Spray paint Pintyplus chalk paint    

Pintyplus spray wax for chalk paint

materials needed to renovate a child's metal and wood desk chair

Step by step to restore a desk chair

Disassemble and clean. The first thing we will do is dismantle the desk chair to work it better. Once disassembled we clean it with alcohol to remove the remains of dirt, grease and dust. We could also do it with soap and water, making sure it is dry before painting.

preparing a desk chair for painting


Prepare the surface

We want both the iron legs and the wooden seat and armrests to have the texture of chalk paint. Céline’s solution was to use the Pintyplus Ferric Primer for the iron legs to protect it from rust. You only need a light layer to do the job, you could also use the primer from the chalk paint range.

Once the primer is applied, wait for it to dry and apply the Pintyplus chalk paint. As we always  suggest, three thin layers are better than one thick layer so the paint can be built up slowly.

preparing metal parts of a chair for spray painting

Spray paint is perfect for this project as using an aerosol to paint a curved surface will always be quicker and achieve better results than using a brush.

To finish the chair she sprayed the entire desk chair with the Pinty Plus spray wood wax to protect it and give it softness. This perfect wax to revitalize natural wood. It is very easy to apply and thanks to its aerosol format, the wax is distributed evenly over the surface without having to work by hand.

This is how the desk chair was restored with Pintyplus chalk.