spray painting flowers

Painted agapanthus stems

Some flowers and plants, such as agapanthus lose color and foliage when autumn comes. But with Pintyplus spray paints, we can make them bloom again and have beautiful colours. Spanish blogger Mrs. Cricket teaches us how to paint dried agapanthus. Agapanthus is the only genus in the subfamily Agapanthoide of the flowering plant family Amaryllidaceae....

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painted crocs in watermelon colours

How to paint Crocs with spray paint

It’s the start of June and summer is officially here. Have you been digging out last year’s summer clothes? Do you have an old pair of Crocs you’d like to give a totally new look to before you hit the beach? Well this is the tutorial fr you. In a few easy steps we’ll show...

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stencilled rug using water based spray paint

How to stencil a rug with spray paint

Spray paint is an easy and quick to use and can create some really impressive finishes. We’ve recently introduced materials Removable adhesive spray from pintyplus Pintyplus Basic Pintyplus stencil Step by step: transform a white rug using a Pintyplus stencil and spray paint The beauty of this exercise is that it is very simple and fast...

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Marbling with spray paint

Do you want to know a simple and cheap way to personalise objects? Here we will teach you how to use the marbling technique with spray paint. This technique consists of the combination of different paints using water as the basis for colours to mix and form unrepeatable patterns and patterns. The technique originated in...

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upcycled pineapple organiser tutorial with video

DIY pineapple style upcycled organiser

Are you looking for a craft to entertain your children while developing their creativity? This tutorial shows you how to make a fun organiser with cans and spray paint. This great upcycling craft project was put together by one of our Spanish bloggers ‘El Taller de Ire’ and is a good way to keep the...

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how to make a frankenstrat guitar using spray paint

How to paint a guitar like the legendary Frankenstrat

The Fender Stratocaster guitar is the most copied in the world and it inspired Eddie Van Halen to assemble his mythical Frankenstrat guitar. As well as being a virtuoso of the electric guitar, our follower Josro Nemattollanhi, wanted to make his own version. and in this tutorial he shows us how to use spray paint...

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Pinty Plus Ambassador – Clare; Copper Army Men Fridge Magnets

Pinty plus Ambassador Clare had a brainwave when she came across a bag of plastic army men in her local charity shop. “They just had to be up-cycled in some way” she said. Using strong magnets & super glue she transformed the army men by into fridge magnets with the help of Pinty Plus Tech Plastic...

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Little Bows

This ingenious idea comes from the Dekorella Blog showing that getting creative with dried pasta shapes and spray paint can be extremely effective. Here they show us a few simple ideas to make with dried pasta. Specifically with Farfalles or commonly known as bows or bow ties. A little DIY fun and creativity for you to try at home;...

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Pinty Plus Ambassador – Kara; Industrial-style Display Board

What do you do with all the lovely photos, postcards and meaningful notices, not to mention the artwork from your children? Here is a great alternative to the traditional fabric pinboard, for a more modern look with clean lines. Kara says ” I was inspired by these gorgeous Memo Boards from Block. I loved the simplicity...

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Competition Time

Open to Bloggers and the General Public WHAT YOU NEED TO DO: COMPLETE A PROJECT using our Novasol Spray products. It can be something large or small, DIY based, creative, practical, indoors or outdoors. If you need inspiration visit the Novasol Ideas Page. UPLOAD PHOTOS and tell us why you chose the product(s) for your project and explain...

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Amazing Art

You would be forgiven for mistaking this artist for a DJ with mixer, but this artist is performing a dynamic display of talent and is actually creating a magical painting using Pintyplus Basic aerosols. You can find him in Lloret de Mar performing his breath-taking show for tourists who can purchase his spectacular creations. It is awe-inspiring to watch...

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Transform Your Childs Bicycle

Mrs. Cricket’s daughter was fed up with her bike, so she decided to do something about it. After choosing some lovely colours to use and finding some stencils, Mrs. Cricket set about her challenge. In order for the paint to adhere properly the bike was cleaned thoroughly, paying particular attention to areas that come into...

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Industrial Style Bucket

We bring you a new tutorial from our admired Mari Luz, a real Pintypluser, who transforms a rusty old bucket into an attractive industrial style decorative container using Pintyplus products. Materials: A Bucket Galvazinc Primer Pintyplus Tech silver Pintyplus Basic black matt Foil Decorated napkins Water-based varnish Pintyplus matt These are the steps that followed: The bucket was a little rusty,...

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Modeling clay paint with Pintyplus

This is another project that are made from beginning to end and which among other things see how modeling clay paint seamlessly with our all-terrain Pintyplus Basic. And it is that spray paints are many brands and qualities, but none have as many applications as this, really. On this occasion, Hamptonsc used modeling clay Jovi....

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Finally, the green carriage!

Cristina had long wanted to restore an old carriage belonging to his family. Materials: Basic Pintyplus green spray carriage and bright red . Cleaning brush Sandpaper Plastic cover Masking tape Step 1. Using the brush, clean the car to remove any remaining dirt. Step 2. We used the sandpaper to smooth surfaces and smooth out...

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