You would be forgiven for mistaking this artist for a DJ with mixer, but this artist is performing a dynamic display of talent and is actually creating a magical painting using Pintyplus Basic aerosols. You can find him in Lloret de Mar performing his breath-taking show for tourists who can purchase his spectacular creations.

Art with Pinty Plus Basic

It is awe-inspiring to watch his creation unfold before your eyes, as he layers up the effect with confidence and speed. He uses newspaper, a fork and other materials at hand to make templates, creating incredible effects and developing a fantasy landscape that seems to leap out of the page. He even uses the paint can as a flamethrower to finish! Our range Pintyplus Basic aerosol paints have the ideal qualities for spray paint artists who display their talent in the form of lunar landscapes, sunsets, waterfalls and urban scapes. Do you dare to be an artist like this?

Source youtube shonny325