Spray paint is an easy and quick to use and can create some really impressive finishes. We’ve recently introduced


using a stencil with spray paints

Step by step: transform a white rug using a Pintyplus stencil and spray paint

The beauty of this exercise is that it is very simple and fast and in return we get a totally new look for our rug. If you have an old rug that you want to personalise, we show you how in this video:

1º.- Apply the adhesive on the stencil

To fix the stencil better on the rug the easiest thing is to use Pinty Plus temporary adhesive. The beauty of this product is that it allows you to fix things but also to easily peel them away afterwards, a bit like a Post It note!

temporary adhesive spray for stencils

reusable stencils for spray painting

2º.- Set stencil and delimit

Work out where you want to position the first motif. In this case we wanted to paint a series of pink mandalas randomly placed across the rug. Wherever we want to paint it, we fix the stencil, which has previously been sprayed with adhesive. Then we mark the edges of the stencil with masking tape or newspapers and cover the rug so it does not get marked by overspray.

3º.- Painting

We take our aerosol and spray. Remember that if you are using Evolution, Basic or Chalk it is advised to spray about 30 centimetres from the surface spraying in light layers and keeping the can moving across the surface. If you painted with aQua 2017 you should do it  at a distance of about 10 centimetres.

how to spray paint a rug

4º.- Remove the stencil

You should not wait long to remove the stencil. You can respray it with a small amount of adhesive and repaint in another corner of the carpet.

5º.- Clean the stencil

It is very easy to clean the stencil to be able to use it as many times as you wish. When we have painted with solvent-based paints, we will clean the stencil with acetone and a brush. When we have done it with water based paints we will clean with water and a brush or a chamois.

spray painted rug

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stencilled rug using water based spray paint

repositionable adhesive spray for spray painting and stencil use geometric reusbale stencil for spray painting