We bring you a new tutorial from our admired Mari Luz, a real Pintypluser, who transforms a rusty old bucket into an attractive industrial style decorative container using Pintyplus products.

bucket before and after


These are the steps that followed:

The bucket was a little rusty, so first lightly sand or wire brush the surface and clean with spirit. Then we spray paint the bucket with Galvanizing Pintyplus. This spray is an aluminum-based anticorrosive which prevents possible oxidation of the primer. It is easier to spray if the bucket is placed on a stand to elevate it a little.

bucket spray 2

Using a ball of foil; dab lightly with black paint to create a rust effect.

bucket foil dab

Using a stencil template; spray the number onto the side of the bucket in black.

bucket template

For the lid, use the Galvanzinc spray paint and allow to dry for 30 minutes. Lay on the napkin patterns to create a Decoupage design and trim to size. Then use the foil to continue the rust effect with black paint and allow to dry.

bucket lid spray

Finish with a layer of varnish over the top of the napkins to protect them.

bucket lid varnish