New to spray paint?

Are you new to spray paint? Here are some handy pointers to get you going and to ensure your project gets the best finish.

We recommend you spend five minutes having a quick read to save encountering problems with your project.

Clean your object

The first thing you need to do is ensure your object is thoroughly cleaned and free from dust and contaminants which can interfere with paint adhering and cause an uneven finish. We sell a special spray alcohol cleaner to aid this task.

Shake your can

If you’ve ever painted something using a brush you’ll know that when you take the lid off you can see that paint tends to separate when left standing. Whilst you can see it instantly with a can of paint, it is easy to forget that the same thing happens inside a spray can, you just can’t see it. So before you start, shake your aerosol for one minute.

Do you need a primer?

Primers serve several purposes. They help paint to adhere to non-porous surfaces, they help inhibit rust and they serve as a base coat when going from a dark to light finish. Some of the paints we sell (like Forge paint) are 2 in 1 paint and primer, but most of our ranges including EVOLUTION, CHALK FINISH and HOME use separate primers.

If your surface is non-porous  (ie an object which does not absorb water, like metal, glass, melamine or plastic) then you will need to start with a primer. If you are unsure if the surface you are spraying is porous or not (wood that may or may not be varnished for instance) then we would suggest you use a primer to be on the safe side. You only need one coat of primer, so can order between half and a third of the quantity of primer that you order of paint.

Pintyplus - Primer for Chalk Spray Paint - 400ml

Prepares any kind of surface you want to paint with any chalk paint


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Pintyplus - Tech - Primer For Plastics - 400ml

Colourless primer for most plastics. Obtain the best anchorage before applying the final finish.


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Pintyplus - Art - Universal Primer Spray - 400ml

Quick drying universal primer spray for any surface


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We also have a range of specialist metal primers.

Spraying the inside of drawers with chalk paint

Do a test spray before you start

It’s very rare but we occasionally have a can with a blocked nozzle, so it’s worth doing a test spray on a small scrap of paper before you start to make sure the paint is coming out of the nozzle evenly. This is particularly important if you’ve already used some of the can for an earlier project. If there is a blockage use a pin to clear the nozzle and do another test spray before starting.

Spraying technique

As you spray keep your hand about 8-10 inches from the surface and keep it moving across the surface passing from left to right and upwards and downwards. You want to apply several fine mist coats. Do not spray continually on one spot this may result in paint running.

Don’t finish the can!

A word of warning from an experienced sprayer! It is very tempting to completely empty your final can as you finish a project, but we always advise you to leave a little in the can and go inside for a cup of tea! We guarantee when you come back out you’ll see a spot you missed and be glad of the little bit you saved!

Apply a wax or varnish

With our CHALK FINISH paint we recommend that objects that are going to be sat on, touched or otherwise used should be finished with either a wax or a varnish. Your choice of wax or varnish will waterproof the object and will ensure the paint won’t rub off the surface or get dirty. If you are spraying an ornamental object such as a picture frame that won’t be handled often, you can get away without finishing it.

Pintyplus - Art - Crafts Varnish - 400ml

Fast drying acrylic craft varnish spray. Does not yellow.


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Pintyplus - Art - Special Water-Based Varnish for Crafts - 400ml

Clear colourless varnish and suitable for indoors


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Pintyplus - Matt Varnish for Chalk Spray Paint - 400ml

PintyPlus wax in spray for wood and surfaces painted with chalk paint


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Pintyplus - Wax for Chalk Spray Paint - 400ml

Protect surfaces painted with any chalk or chalky finish paints


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If you are using paints from other ranges (HOME, EVOLUTION, BASIC etc.) varnish is recommended for waterproofing and to increase the life of the object.

Leave the can ready for the next job

To ensure the nozzle of your can doesn’t get blocked while it’s being stored, invert your can and spray the aerosol until only air comes out of the nozzle. This leaves the spraying mechanism clear of paint and ready for your next project.