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Pintyplus Brake Caliper Paint

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Pintyplus brake caliper paint

Pintyplus brake caliper spray paint provides the level of anchoring and thermal resistance your car needs to roll on roads and highways. Available in three colors resistant to 180 ℃.

Applications for brake caliper paint

To paint car and motorcycle brake calipers.

Technical characteristics

  • Format 520 / 400ml
  • Yield = 2 m2
  • Superficial drying after 2 hours, total after 4 hours.
  • Repainted within 1 hour or after 5 days.
  • Thermal resistance 180 ºC.
  • Glossy finish.
  • High flexibility and adherence.
  • For interior and exterior.

Looking for black or silver?

If you would like black or silver paint to use for your brake calipers, we suggest our High Temperature Paint which is equally suited to the purpose

How to use brake caliper paint

To paint the brake calipers, the first thing to do is clean them well of dirt and grease. We recommend using Pintyplus Brake Cleaner so that it reaches all corners well.

On already painted surfaces, if the paint is well adhered, proceed with a light sanding to facilitate adhesion. If the previous paint is in poor condition, it will have to be removed. In this case, we recommend disassembling them, stripping them with Greenox stripper spray or similar, and cleaning them thoroughly before repainting with Pintyplus brake cleaner.

If you can take out the tweezers to paint them much better, if not, don't worry. Cover the area that you are not going to paint well with masking tape, paper, plastic, or aluminum foil. Make sure the paint isn't seeping underneath.

Shake the spray for 1 minute after the mixing balls sound, then apply thin coats to coat. You can repeat the process within the first 60 minutes, no more. If you wait any longer, you will have to do it several days later. This is due to the characteristics of the paint, which requires very slow drying to resist the tension and temperature of the clamps. It is advisable to give two or three thin coats and not one thick coat to achieve uniform coverage without sags.

Once the operation is finished, invert the bottle and press until only gas comes out.

Recommendations for the use of paint for brake calipers

The brake caliper spray paint is ideal as a complement to the Pintyplus rim paint to make the wheels like new.

Apply in well-ventilated places.


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