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Pintyplus - Tech - Temp & Events Marker Spray Paint - 500ml

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Events marker spray paint Pintyplus Tech

This temporal Events Marker spray paint Pintyplus Tech is a temporary and ephemeral marking paint which can be applied on many surfaces.  The duration of the visibility of the paint depends on the environmental conditions and also on the use given to the marked surface but the expected life time is about 5 days.

Fluorescent matt colors of very high visibility paint make it easy to read signs, letters, etc.  The 360º multi-directional valve allows applications in any direction even with the can turned upside down.  Resistant to low temperatures.

Pintyplus Events Marker spray applications.  Recommended for signage and temporary marking.  Useful applications include the marking of sports events, construction signage, accidents, etc.  Can be applied to asphalt, stone, concrete, sand, wood, metal and all types of surfaces.

The difference between the conventional Topographical Fluorescent Marker spray and the Events Marker consists in the expectation of the useful lifetime of the application.  Although both are temporary, the events marker is more ephemeral than the first.  Meaning, while the marking of the first product lasts several weeks, for the events marker lasts days.

Technical characteristics
Spreading:  650/500ml = 2 m2
Drying time:  in 20 minutes.
Multi-directional valve.
Application expected life time is about 5 days

How to use fluorescent marker spray Pintyplus
The Pintyplus temporal marker has a safety cap to prevent it from being pressed if it is carried in a tool bag.  The first thing to do is:

Unclip the lid by inserting a screwdriver or similar element to pry until the top cap breaks.
Turn the color tab until the button hole is released.

Shake the spray can vigorously during 1 minute after the mixing balls sound. Apply in any direction even with the can turned upside down.
When finished, rotate the color tab again to hide the button and prevent it from being pressed.

Recommendations for use of the spray marker
After each use, wipe with paper or cloth to prevent nozzle clogging.
Do not use on devices connected to the electrical network and apply in ventilated areas.

Once empty, the aerosol should be deposited in an appropriate bin, can be recycled - check your local guide.