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Greenox - Permanent Adhesive Spray - 400ml

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Permanent Adhesive Spray

Solvent base with modified synthetic rubber and resins, especially recommended for DIY and industry.

Available in 400ml aerosol can.


Permanent bonding with maximum performance with same characteristics as a normal contact glue (adhesive).  Allows for the joining, in a resistant, durable and flexible way, of all types of materials:  wood, metal, plastic, rubber foam, leather, fabric, ceramics, etc.

How to apply:

Before using the product, shake the can vigorously for one minute.

Apply a thin layer of the adhesive onto each surface to be joined then wait until the solvent evaporates.

Under normal working conditions the evaporation time is between 1-5 minutes.  After this time has passed, you have up to 2 hours to join the surfaces together.  The time does depend on the materials used, the environmental conditions and the amount of adhesive applied.

Safety Data Sheet


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