spray painting a galvanised metal trailer

Pintyplus’s galvanic spray primer is part of the TECH range of paints designed for specific DIY applications. Galvanic Spray Primer is an anti-corrosive aerosol spray paint that is hard-wearing and resistant to the elements.

Applications for Galvanic Spray Primer

Galvanic Spray Primer is designed to be applied to metal surfaces to prevent corrosion. Application to fences, chimneys, agricultural machinery, pipes, fastenings and metal structures. It’s available in two finishes (silver and gold) and can be used either as a stand-alone paint or as a base coat if you require a different colour finish. It can also be used to touch up welding, galvanizing and finishing paints.

Technical characteristics of Galvanic spray

Pintyplus Galvanic spray is available in 400ml aerosol cans and has a coverage of 2 square metres, it dries in approximately 15 minutes, is repaintable in 30 minutes and has a thermal resistance of 600 degrees.

Pintyplus - Tech - Galvanic Spray Primer - 400ml

Anticorrosive galvanic spray primer based on aluminum and zinc.


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Greenox - Paint Stripper

Super active and low toxicity paint remover


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Pintyplus - Basic - Gloss - 400ml

Quick dry alkyd enamel Gloss spray paint with a high resistance outdoors and an excellent adherence.


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Pintyplus - Evolution - Gloss - 400ml

Extra-quick drying RAL Gloss acrylic spray paint. Suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.


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How to apply Galvanic Spray

  1. Clean rust from the surface you intend to spray, use a wire brush if you have one
  2. Next grease stains should be removed with a solvent, it is essential that the surface you wish to paint is dry, clean and free from contaminants to ensure optimum adhesion
  3. The aerosol needs to be shaken vigorously for one minute after you can hear the mixing balls start to move. The surface should be sprayed at a distance of 25/30cm, applying thin fast layers first horizontally, then vertically
  4. After the base coat is applied it is advised to apply two thin layers rather than one thick one to ensure uniform coverage and avoid the risk of painting running
  5. When you’ve finished spraying, invert the can and press the nozzle until only air comes out, this will leave the nozzle clear of paint ready for its next use

spray painting a galvanised metal trailer galvanised metal trailer needing repair

Recommendations for Galvanic spray

We recommend applying to previously painted surfaces. If the paint is well adhered we suggest using sandpaper to rough up the surface and aid adhesion. If the paint is not well adhered it must be removed first using paint stripper (see Greenox Paint Stripper) or a sander.

If you wish to achieve an alternate colour finish we suggest either Pintyplus Basic or Pintyplus Evolution (available in RAL colours)

Galvanic spray should not be applied to objects whilst connected to electricity and should be sprayed in a well-ventilated area

Pintyplus galvanic spray is available in silver and gold finish