In this tutorial we will show you how to give your interior doors a new look using spray paint

Material used:     

  • Glitter varnish Pintyplus Evolution B199     
  • Pintyplus Evolution RAL 9016 Traffic White     
  • Pintyplus Tech Blue Forge     
  • Newspaper pepel     
  • Bodybuilder tape     
  • Latex gloves

Renew your doors with spray, step by step:

To do so, you must first protect the area around where you want to paint. You can use newspaper and masking tape:

Bear in mind that the spray creates a fine mist, that is why it is very important that the newspaper covers the area around where you are spraying. By the way. We are going to show you details of this door:

As you can see, they were full of marks and scratches :

For this DIY we have chosen four cans of Evolution white per door and 2 of varnish.

Remember that before painting you should protect yourself with a mask and latex gloves. You must spray a layer of white spray on the entire surface to small horizontal and vertical strokes about 25cm from the door. Once dry, add a layer of varnish.

The result is fast and spectacular, they look like new doors:

And as a final thought,  if your door handles look tired and old, you can use Pinty Plus forge paint to give them a new look