How to upcycle a bath into a garden chair

Do you like upcycling? If so, you can not miss this project from the talented Vicky Myers Creations which shows you how to turn a bath into a garden chair. Vicky is a passionate upcycler and environmentalist and when her neighbour offered them a second hand bathtub she knew it had to be saved from the landfill. At first she used it as a raised bed for the children, but when their interest in it waned she decided to give it a second second life and inspired by ideas she’d seen online she set about turning it into a garden chair.


The materials needed to recycle an old bathtub are:     

Upcycling a bath into an armchair step by step

1º.- Cut the bathtub

First the tub was cut in half. To do this, the bath was measured and marked and an angle grinder was used to cut the bath. Then the edges were sanded. Bear in mind that the two halves of the bathtub are not the same since on one of the sides there is a drain.  Vicky chose the side that did not have a drain for the chair.

cutting a bath in half to make it into an upcycled chair for the garden

2º.- Paint the bathtub

The next step was to paint the bathtub. Vicky decided on a combination of cream and red, the first for the seat part of the chair and the second for the legs and support. To do this, she first cleaned the bath to remove dirt and improve the grip of the paint. Next, she applied Pintyplus Evolution color RAL 1015 Light Ivory. This quick-drying spray paint is ideal for outdoor furniture. After shaking the can for about 30 seconds, spray directly on the surface of the tub.

bath cut in half ready to be upcycled into a chair

3º.- Make the base for the chair

Finally, a base for the chair was built. Although not seen in the images, the bathtub had a crack in the back. For this reason, it was necessary to reinforce it in the part of the backup. To do this, Vicky thought of a simple structure with wooden slats. After assessing the height at which she wanted the chair, she took measurements of the base and width to build the structure. After checking that the seat was correctly adjusted, she went on to cut the wood for the front and rear legs. Then she secured it with screws and added the crosspieces. When finished, she painted with the red color RAL 3020 of Pintyplus Evolution, spraying thin and continuous layers until covering the entire wooden structure.

spray acrylic paint used for bath tub upcycle

Finally, as a good crafter, Vicky finished the job making her own cushions. With the help of a newspaper she made the template and used curtain material as a cover and an old duvet for the filling.

Step by step tutorial for amazing upcycled bath tub chair made using an old bath, a pallet, cushions and spray paint.

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