This inspired makeover project comes from Hugarian blogger Masni Dekoració, who shows us how to give old melamine furniture a new and professional finish. Melamine is a resin-based material that is used to finish solid or fibreboard wood furniture, providing a hard, resistant and smooth layer.

how to paint melamine furniture

The big benefit of melamine is that when it gets dirty it allows you to clean it very easily, but the downside of this is that it can be difficult to get paint to adhere to it

Among our range we have a specific transparent primer to paint all kinds of plastics and which can also be used on melamine surfaces.

plastic primer

Materials for upcycling and painting melamine furniture     

• Screwdriver     

• Masking tape and paper (or stretch film)    

Pintyplus Primer for Plastics     

Pintyplus Evolution spray paint

Step by step to recycle and paint a melamine cabinet

Step 1 Remove Clean

Dismantle the furniture as far as you can. Take off closet doors and remove drawers if you had them. Clean thoroughly with water or alcohol. The objective is to remove any impurities that affect the adhesion afterwards. We will try not to leave traces of tail stains, dirt or even dust.

Step 2 Design and cover

In this step we are going to think a little about the design. The idea is to tape and cover the areas that we do not want to paint. Thus, if we are going to paint the furniture of different colors, we will leave the area of ??the first color free.

painting melamine furniture

Step 3 Apply the primer for plastic and melamine

We could give primer to all the furniture, but we are interested in the areas that go with the “virgin” melamine remain as such. If we apply the primer, even if it is transparent, it will slightly modify the surface and we are interested in remaining with the original appearance.

Step 4 Paint with spray

Shake the can and apply the first color. Better to give several layers thin and followed than one thick. You have to control the pick-up. Before drying completely remove the tape. After 15 minutes it will be dry.

Step 5 Repeat

We will repeat from step 2 as many times as we have designed colors for our melamine furniture.

Step 6 Mount.

And here are the results…