Pintyplus are constantly adding new and innovative paints to their range. Aware of an increasing consumer preference for more environmentally friendly water-based paints, the R&D department in Barcelona has been working for a while to try and produce a water-based acrylic spray paint with the technical, quality and performance of a solvent paint. Pintyplus were already the first brand in Spain to formulate a water-based spray more than 10 years ago with the launch of the aQua range, but now they’ve done it again with Evolution.

Pintyplus water-based Evolution paint is the latest addition to an expanding range of high-quality aerosol paints and offers the adhesion, durability and ease of application of the original solvent-based Evolution, but in a water-based paint that is kinder to the environment and low odour.

Pintyplus water-based Evolution joins a family of different water-based paints produced by Pintyplus all of which are suitable for different applications. Here’s a quick guide to those paints.

Characteristics of Pintyplus water-based spray paints


Pintyplus chalk paint

Pintyplus Chalk Finish Spray Paint is popular with fans of DIY, Shabby Chic, and vintage decoration. It is a product with very high performance: great coverage, ease of use and it’s quick drying. In addition, it is formulated to be sanded so you can achieve a distressed effect, a very necessary feature for the type of projects that are undertaken with this product. Its finish is matte, with pastel colors typical of vintage decoration.

Technical characteristics of Pintyplus Chalk Finish Spray Paint acrylic paint:

Format Colors Performance Dry to the touch Total drying Repainted Adherence smells Pick up Product life
400ml. Ultra Matte 2M2 10 to 20 min. 1 hour instant Multi-surface It hardly smells Not 10 years

* Very good adherence to wood, rope, methacrylate, cork, polystyrene, carbon steel and stainless steel.


Pintyplus aQua

Pintyplus aQua 2017 was formulated especially designed for small format projects, very common in the world of scrapbooking, Mix Media, and others. Its bright and colorful colours also squarely fit the type of audience it is aimed at. Even so, its excellent performance makes it a versatile product. It achieves good coverage first time, it doesn’t run, it can be repainted instantly and its drying time is optimal. It comes with a low-pressure nozzle to achieve precision painting small objects.

Pintyplus Aqua technical characteristics

Format Performance Total drying Repainted Finish Thermal resistance Product life
150 ml 0.70 M2 1 hour 30 seconds Mate 90º 3 years


Pintyplus Home

Home is a spray paint in matt colors intended for interior decoration. A product of excellent performance with a range of colors designed by professional interior designers to adapt to the type of solution that is being proposed by the best firms for interior and home decoration. It is an extremely easy-to-use product, with great coverage, drying, that does not drip, without odours, with a performance of up to 3m2 and valid for any surface.

Technical characteristics of Pintyplus Home acrylic paint

Format Colors Performance Total drying Repainted Adherence smells Pick up Product life Thermal resistance
400ml. Mate 3 M2 1 hour * instant Multiple surfaces * It hardly smells Not 10 years 90º

* Dry 1 hour (15 minutes on porous surfaces).

* Very good adherence to wood, rope, methacrylate, cork, polystyrene, carbon steel and stainless steel.

NEW Evolution water-based paint

This year Pintyplus has launched Pintyplus Evolution Water Based, an acrylic paint in bright RAL colors with excellent performance. There are also a primer and varnish available in the same range allowing you to achieve long-lasting results, with resistance to scratching and inclement weather.

Technical characteristics of Pintyplus Evolution Water Base paint

Format Performance Surface Drying Total drying Repainted Finishes smells Pick up Product life Thermal resistance
520 / 400ml. 2 M2 15 min. 1 hour 15 min. Glossy and matte It hardly smells Not 10 years 90º


Whichever paint you choose, Pintyplus water-based spray paints are the future!