If you would like to change the colour of your car or motorcycle wheel rims, or you just want to give them a touch up to help them look their best, this blog post is for you. Pintyplus have recently added Wheel Rim paint to their TECH range. It joins a growing range of sprays created especially for the auto market.

Painting wheel rims requires a spray paint that is hard-wearing in outdoor conditions and adheres well to metal surfaces. Pintyplus TECH paints are manufactured to meet these needs, achieveing great adhesion, withstanding abrasion, humidity and gasoline stains. In addition to our spray paint you will need the following:

  • Paint stripper
  • Degreasing gel
  • Protective equipment (gloves and mask)
  • Wire brush
  • Masking tape

How to use paint on wheel rims

Steps to paint a wheel rim

  1. The first step is to remove the tyres from the wheel rimor use masking tape and newspaper to ensure that the tyre is adequated covered and protected from the paint.
  2. Next we will apply the paint stripper and leave it to act for the recommended time. When the time has elapsed use a wire brush to remove the paint strip and wipe the surface clear
  3. Once the paint has been removed use the degreasing gel to completely clean the wheel rim and remove any trace paint and dirt
  4. Once the wheel rim is clean put it in a place that allows you to access both sides of the rim to spray it
  5. Next, cover the places you do not want to paint with masking tape
  6. Next, start spraying leaving a distance of 30 centimetres between the aerosol and the can.
  7. Once the first coat has been applied let it dry for 30 minutes
  8. After 30 minutes, apply the second coat. This time leave the paint to dry and cure for at least an hour.

The video below was filmed by our Spanish partners and shows the process from start to finish.

As you can see rep[ainting wheel rims is a very simple process and by selecting a paint made for the job you can achieve a very professional finish in your own garage. Don’t forget if you do use our products please share the images with us on social media using #pintypluser

To see other inspiring makeover projects or ideas about how to use our range of paints, visit our blog

Pintyplus - Tech - Wheel Rim Silver Paint - 400ml

 Silver / Black acrylic enamel for wheel rims.


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