Pintyplus high-temperature paint has been designed to withstand temperatures of up to 600C and is typically used on objects like wood-burning stoves, barbecues, heating pipes and boilers.

resprayed bbq

Characteristics of High-Temperature Paint

Pintyplus high-temperature paint is available in 400ml aerosols with a coverage of 2m² making it the most economical spray paint on the market. Drying times at room temperature (20c approximately) are 30 minutes for touch dry and 1 hour for completely dry. You can recoat after 30 minutes assuming the first coat has not been applied too thickly. As with all our spray paints we recommend building up layers of fine mist coats rather than aiming for total coverage on first application, this ensures paint doesn’t pool on the surface and risk runs or an uneven finish

wood burning stove pipe sprayed with high temperature paint

How to apply high-temperature paint

  • Assuming that you are applying the high-temperature paint on an object which is not new, we advise that you begin your project by lightly sanding the surface to remove any loose paint and rust. The best tools for this are a wire brush (for rust) and sandpaper (for paint)
  • Once the surface is sanded, we need to clean it well to ensure there are no dirt or metal particles. In the event that there are grease stains on the surface (as may be the case with a barbecue) we recommend using our Isopropyl alcohol surface cleaner to remove them
  • Once the surface is clean and free from contaminants we shake the can for 1 minute after we start to hear the mixing balls move. Then maintaining a distance of 25-30cm from the surface apply several thin coats
  • Once painted, allow the first coat to dry for 30 minutes
  • Repeat this process. We recommend applying three coats of paint for maximum durability and protection against heat transfer to the surface.
  • When you have finished painting, turn the can upside down and press the nozzle until no more paint comes out. This way the nozzle will be left clear f paint and ready for its next use

applying high temperature paint with a spray

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