Are you still decorating your home for Christmas? Or perhaps the last few weeks have been so busy you haven’t had a chance to start? Either way we have a simple modern craft project to help you decorate your home which uses our fluorescent Pinty Plus Evolution. Our Spanish blogger ‘Senora Cricket’ shows us how…

spray painted lightbulb garland


fluorescent acrylic spray paint

Step by step: create a festive garland with Pintyplus Evolution

This garland is fake light, and although these bulbs can be used with light cables, the idea was to create a fake garland to be used where you want and even during the day to give the feeling of being on.

The idea was to make a fake garland of lights so that it could be used anywhere and also during the day. We achieve this by applying fluorescent paint, which gives the light effect anywhere and at any time. It is easy to apply and very decorative. Watch the video below for a quick step by step (note : the title is in Spanish, but no Spanish is spoken in the video)

1º.- Protect the bulb cap

The first thing we are going to do is cover the metal part of the bulb, as we do not want to be painted with fluorescent paint.

painting light bulbs

2º.- Paint the light bulbs

Using light layers we are going to spray paint the bulbs keeping our hands moving across the surface about 20cm away.

spray painting light bulbs

3º.- Let the bulbs dry

Now we’ve painted the bulbs you can start to see the effect that the fluorescent colours have when we put them together.

painted light bulbs upcycle

4º.- String the garland

To get the feeling that it really is a luminous garland, we will have to tie the light bulbs to a rope that simulates a cable, we’ll do this using a glue gun.

And there we have it…. Our festive garland with Pintyplus Evolution, which perfectly simulates a string of lights. It’s been cheap, easy and fun to create. If you are decorating things with our spray, we want to see it! You can show it to us on Instagram by using the hashtag #pintyplus. 

light bulb garland upcycled

evolution Fluorescent