It is well known by everyone that the fireplace is where Santa Claus enters the houses and where we hang stockings. But, oh no! Our blogger Cristina doesn’t have one (and we are sure she’s not alone!) That’s why she thought it would be a fun project to build one just for Christmas, to make sure that the gifts will arrive. Here’s how she got on…

the finished artificial christmas fireplace


    • Pintyplus Chalk Finish Paint Spray
    • Wax Pintyplus Chalk Finish Paint
    • Cardboard boxes
    • Masking tape
    • Tape to join the boxes
    • Sandpaper

Step by step: how to make a Christmas fireplace with Pintyplus

1º.- Building the structure with cardboard boxes

To begin we need to use cardboard boxes to form the structure. We have a variety of sizes including some small Pintyplus ones of course!

cardboard boxes

2º.- Stick the boxes with glue

Once we have assembled the structure with the boxes, we will glue them together making sure the structure is stable.

cardboard boxes to make a fireplace

3º.- The bricks

When we have the structure assembled and glued, we will go on to form the bricks. With the level, we mark the measurements with a pencil and then, with masking tape, we mark out the bricks.

measuring up. Making a temporary christmas fireplace tutorial make a fake fireplace

4º.- Painting

Apply the broken white chalk paint all over the surface, one coat is enough

fake fireplace made from boxes fireplace prop made from cardboard artificial christmas fireplace

Now, carefully, and in the area of ??the bricks, apply spray wax irregularly. This will make the areas where there is wax distress easily when we sand, so we can create effect of old bricks.

masking tape and spray paint to make fireplace

6º.- Stone colour chalk paint for joints


Next, we remove the masking tape and apply the Chalk stone to the joints. Even if we go outside the area we want to paint nothing will happen: remember that we have applied wax and we will have to sand it to get the aged effect.

spraying a fake fireplace creating imitation bricks with paint

7º.- Sand with fine grain sandpaper

When the paint is dry, we only need to sand the entire surface with care using a fine grain sandpaper. You will only have to wait a short time because the Chalk dries very fast.

spray painted bricks brick effect achieved with spray paint

And there we have it! We have built a Christmas fireplace with Pintyplus. If you are preparing things for this Christmas with Pintyplus products, please share them on social media using the hashtag #pintypluser

how to make a festive fake fireplace