Creating a magnetised board with spray paint

The latest addition to our Pinty Plus Art range is an easy to use spray paint that allows you to turn almost any object into a magnetic surface. In this tutorial we show you how to apply it to wood to create an attractive magnet display board.


magnetic spray paint

Step by Step

1º.- For this project we have used plywood. Most crafters usually have some of this in their crafting ‘pantry’ as it’s such a versatile material. We used a jigsaw to cut it to the shape we desired

cutting ply wood to spray with magnetic paint

2º.- Like almost all our spray paints, our magnetic spray dries very fast. You’ll notice the magnetic effect will increase with each additional layer of paint. We applied 3 coats,  allowing five minutes to dry between coats. So the total painting time was just 15 minutes!

creating a magnetic board using magnetic spray paint

3º.- Now get to create the rope hanger. We cut three strips and have knotted at one end:

tying a knot to hang a magnetic board part 1

4º.- We braided the three parts of the string

tying a knot to hang a magnetic board part 2

5º.- …and tied in a knot at the other end to create our hanger

tying a knot to hang a magnetic board part 3

6º.- The next step is to attach our rope on wood:

parts of a magnetci hanging board

7º.- To do this , we used a staple gun, but you can also do it with glue.

attaching rope to magnetic board

8º.- Et voilà! Now you can hang the board wherever you like and use it to display magnets.

magnetic board created with spray paint

To buy our magnetic spray simply click on the image below to go to the product page….

magnetic spray paint