With autumn now here and the weather not quite as reliable as it has been for the last few months you may be wondering how you can carry on using our spray paints through the colder months, so here are some ideas.

First of all bear in mind that for smaller projects our aQua 2017 spray paints are water based low emissions and have a precision nozzle making them perfect for small craft projects indoors with only the minimum amount of protection around the area where you are working (such as putting a sheet of newspaper on the table).

aQua 2017 spray paints for crafts

However if you want to spray larger things like furniture then clearly you need to protect the floor and furnishings which are close to it and here’s a few ideas of how you can do that…

Blogger Lora from Craftivity Designs has a tutorial for creating any size spray booth in your home using vertical poles, plastic sheeting and masking tape..

Craft Klatch on youtube suggests using foam board and duct tape to create an indoor spray booth. A large box would also do the job if you have one…

You can also use an inexpensive garment bag or pop up tent as a spray booth

There are also purpose made spray shelters you can buy, like this one we found on eBay

Remember to always ensure adequate ventilation when using our products.

Have you got any ideas for spraying indoors which we haven’t mentioned? If so we’d love to hear about them, contact us via Facebook or Twitter or take us on social media using the hashtag #pintypluser