We’ve just returned from another year at the Country Living Spring Fair at Alexandra Palace. It was great to meet many people who we saw last year and of course to introduce a whole group of new people to our spray chalk paint. We are getting used to seeing a certain kind of expression of amazement as people walk past the stand and say “chalk paint…in a SPRAY!”

stand A34 Novasol Spray country living spring fair


Amongst those who bought from us last year was one customer who came back with a photo of the whicker chair they had painted in Stone. Doesn’t it look great?!

One of last year’s customers are back this year to show us a photo of the project they used our paint on. This is Stone our best selling colour at Country Living. #wicker #wickerchair #pintypluser #clfairs #countrylivingfair #yourallypally

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For those of you who don’t know Alexandra Palace. It’s a beautiful historic venue in North London with rather spectacular views from the high ground down towards the city. A real treat to see particularly at sunset.

view from alexandra palace


While we were there we met and sampled some great brands who we’d like to mention in this post. Firstly Francesca at Zzini Home who was on the stand next door to use with light shades, cushions and a rather fabulous chest of drawers…


Opposite us was Kate from Carabelle Design, we didn’t manage to get a photo of her stand, but we did buy a tea towel!

We ended up working with one of the new businesses close to us. Peter at Baby Ballantine wanted his nursery lights spray painted in different colours , so we were happy to help. The colours you see here are mustard, mint green, rose garden and ash grey.


And of course there was the food…. Always one of the highlights of the Country Living Spring Fair!

Amongst the things we tried this year were a Heck dog, the Nut Butter Company’s Peanut & Chocolate Butter, Glenilen Farm yoghurt (the boss is a bit addicted) and teeny tiny free gin samples!

food tasted at the country living spring fair

Did you come to the show? If so what was your favourite part?