Would you like to know how to paint a bike to personalise it and make it unique? Steffi from the Youtube channel Steffido wanted to transform one of his kids bikes into a super bike, here’s how he did it…


To paint a bike and transform it into a Batbike we will need the following products and materials:

Pintyplus Tech Zinc Spray Primer
Primer for spray plastics Pintyplus Tech
Pintyplus Evolution metallic spray paint
Pintyplus Evolution spray varnish
Spray gun (optional)
Masking tape
Cleaning alcohol

how to respray a childs bike

How to paint a bike step by step The following short video tutorial shows how to paint this bike to transform it into your children’s favorite toy (only the title is in Spanish, there is no Spanish spoken in the video)

Take the bike apart

First of all you will have to dismantle the bike because in this way it will be much easier for you to paint each of its parts. For this you will need a wrench.

Clean all the pieces

Next, clean each piece to remove dust and dirt. In this way, the grip of the paint will be improved. For this we recommend cleaning them with a rag and cleaning alcohol. In case you have to remove a sticker, you will be able to do it more easily if you use a spatula. Also if after removing it remains some adhesive, you can remove it with a little solvent.

Paint the metallic parts of the bike

The next step is to paint the metal parts of the bicycle using three products, each with a specific function:     Primer that protects the metal from corrosion and ensures a good grip for the paint. Steffi has used Zinc Pintyplus Tech primer. This type of primer is especially resistant to high humidity conditions which means it is suitable if the bicycle is going to be stored inside the house or in a garage, you can also apply Pintyplus Tech iron primer which is cheaper.     

Painting with Evolution provides the colour we want. In this case a metallic paint of black color has been used.     Varnish to give extra protection to the paint and make it more resistant to friction and shock. We know that the kids are going to test the bike and will suffer intense wear. To apply the three products, the steps that must be followed are the same:     Shake the spray can a couple of minutes     Spray at a distance of 25/30 cm     Apply thin layers horizontally and then vertically Reverse the can and press until the gas comes out to clean the button

Paint the plastic parts of the bike

The spokes of the wheels are made of plastic, so to paint them we first applied a primer for plastic spray. The advantage of using spray priming for this type of objects is that you can easily reach all the holes. The steps you must follow are the following:     Cover the part of the wheel that you do not want to paint with masking tape and protective paper or plastic.     Apply the spray primer and wait about 15 minutes for it to dry.     Paint with Pintyplus Evolution yellow.     Apply several thin coats of varnish     Remove the masking tape and the protective plastic and wait for it to dry.

spray painting a child's bike

Reassembling the bike and transforming it into a Batbike

Finally, we will reassemble the bike and give it the final touch with a sticker with the Batman logo.

adding batman vinyl stickers to a resprayed bike

Now the bike has been transformed into a super Batbike! We have no doubt that your kids will love it.