Have you got metal you need to protect from corrosion? Or a rusty metal object and you already too far gone? In this tutorial we will show you how to recover metal surfaces and preserve them from the weather with Pinty Plus Zinc Tech primer.

In this tutorial Spanish blogger Alberto shows us how to protect an iron staircase from a roof. In the following image it can be seen that it had evident signs of corrosion, which endangered the safety of it.

how to protect metal from corrosion


To solve the problem of corrosion, you need a product that protects the metal. Pintyplus Tech zinc primer is specially created for that purpose making it possible to protect metallic surfaces from corrosion such as:

Metallic structures
Deposits and surfaces that will be in contact with water
Welding joints
Repair of galvanized parts
Railway equipment, etc.


To safeguard an iron ladder or any other metal surface, you will need the following products and materials:       

Pinty Plus Tech Zinc Primer        
Pinty Plus Evolution saint paint and varnish
Wire brush

In the following video tutorial you can see the process (don’t worry you don’t need to be able to speak Spanish to understand this video)

Eliminate rust

Before proceeding with the primer, you must remove the remains of rust and other impurities from the metal surface. For this he uses a manual wire brush to rub on the rusted surface. Next, wipe with a damp cloth to remove all dust and iron particles. 

removing rust from rusty metal fixings

Apply zinc primer

The next step is to apply the zinc Pintyplus Tech primer over the iron. This primer contains 99% pure zinc and adheres electro-chemically to the metal support. Thanks to this feature, it has excellent resistance to weathering, high hardness and flexibility. To apply it, the following steps must be followed:     Shake the can for one minute after the mixing balls sound     Spray at a distance of 25/30 cm.     Apply thin layers since that way you get a uniform covering and avoid the paint running. Paint first horizontally and then vertically     Reverse the can and press until gas only comes out to clean the push button

priming rusted metal

Apply a finishing paint

The last step will be to apply a finishing paint to give color to the clamshell. In this case, Alberto has used Pinty Plus Evolution color RAL 7011 Iron Grey, as it goes with the grey roof. Its application is as simple as that of the zinc primer. just follow the same steps, protecting the area so as not to paint the wall.

how to use primer on rusted metal

Once it has dried (about 15 minutes), satin varnish is applied to give the ladder a metallic finish. This will provide extra protection taking into account that the staircase is out in the open and is heavily used when going up and down on it

The difference between the before and the after having applied the primer and later painted is evident. With this technique you will protect all your metal surfaces that you have outside of any weather condition.