What do you have planned for the Easter holidays? You may have a trip planned or perhaps you just want to spend time with your family and if this is your case, don’t miss these 5 creative crafts for Easter that you can do with the children of the house. You will keep them entertained at the same time as you decorate your home.

Decorate polystyrene eggs with chalk paint spray

This decoration idea is perfect for Easter. Although we are big fans of eggs of the chocolate variety, we think they look pretty stunning painted in pastel shades with our spray paint too.

Of course you can’t use all spray paints on polystyrene. Solvent based paint will eat away at the surface and leave you with a bumpy shrivelled mess of an egg, but our water based chalk paint is perfect for the job and will cover the surface quickly and leave no brush marks.

The steps you must follow are very simple:

• Shake the aerosol well for a couple of minutes
• Place the eggs on a base with pins Apply a layer of spray paint at a distance of between 15/20 cm
• Once they have dried, pass a thin bead to adhere sequins

Thanks to the wide range of colours in the chalk paint range, you have a big range of decorative options.

painting polystyrene easter eggs using spray chalk paint

Crown of leaves decorated with chalk paint spray

At Easter it is quite likely that we will spend some time outdoors with the children and this is a great opportunity to collect fallen leaves.  Once at home, you can make use the leaves to make an Easter wreath.

For this you will need several leaves, a circle of cardboard and double-sided tape. You just have to apply the paint as we have recommended in the previous idea and adhere them to the cardboard circle with the double-sided tape. Finally, to fix the color you can apply a layer of spray varnish for chalk paint. The pastel shades of pink, pale turquoise, mint green and mustard create a decoration that is subtle and spring-like.

using fallen leaves to create an easter wreath using chalk paint

Decorate cutlery with spray paint

This idea to decorate cutlerywith spray paint comes from What little things DIY. You will need masking tape, Pintyplus Basic and a couple of minutes for your children to decorate them with their favorite colors. The following video tutorial shows you step by step:

Although when painting metals we recommend using more specific paints from our Pintyplus Tech range, in this case you can make an exception. After all it’s about having a fun time and enjoying DIY.

Bird house made with a tetrapak container

Steffido’s Easter idea is to make a bird house with a juice container. For this project, in addition to the container, you will need ice cream sticks, a rod, sandpaper, adhesive, Pintyplus aQua and spray varnish.

To make it, carry out the following steps.  Remove the cap, draw the windows and cut with scissors or craft knife. Sand the edges Paint with Pintyplus aQua and let dry Apply several coats of varnish as it will be on the outside Stick the ice cream sticks to the top to make the roof Make a small hole to pass the rod After all these steps just hang it from the window or balcony and leave some bird food.

making a bird feeder from a juice carton

Paper baskets

To make paper baskets like those from Itzidreams you will need craft paper, masking tape and double-sided and plastic sheets.

The steps to follow are very easy:

Place the masking tape to create strips of different colours. Paint with Pintyplus aQua 2017, making sure you shake the can first and apply thin layers of paint. Fix the plastic sheet with double-sided tape on the inside of the flowerpot Roll the paper over a cardboard box that serves as a mould, so that the painted part is on the outside Fold the top to show the plastic zone In this way you will get decorative pots that can also be used to store accessories, for example

how to make paper baskets

Which of these five Easter crafts do you like the most? Have you thought of another DIY for Easter? You can share your images with us on social media by using the hashtag #pintypluser