Would you like to know how to make stencil templates? With them you can create your own designs to paint on your scrapbooking works, objects, furniture, walls, etc. Stencils are an excellent resource to print motifs on different objects, especially if drawing isn’t your strong point!

Among it’s main advantages are :

They are very simple to use
They allow you to personalise your design
They are reusable
They make creating repeated patterns easy

Materials to make your stencil templates

These are the materials needed to start creating your own stencil templates:     

PintyPlus repositionable adhesive spray
Acetate sheets for stencil. (these come in  different thicknesses. Make sure you get one that isn’t too thick to cut.)
Digital cutting machine. It is not essential to have a cutting machine like the Silhouette, but it will make your work much easier.
Craft knife. (If you do not have a cutting machine)

how to make your own stencils for painting


How to make stencil templates with the Silhouette

If you use a cutting mahine such as Silhouette Cameo or Silhouette Portrait, when creating your own stencil templates you have three options:     

Choose a design from the Silhouette store.     Search for a free image and create the design with the machine of the software that the plotter incorporates.     Make your own drawing or motif and scan it to create the layout.

Here’s what you need to do:     

Apply Pintyplus removable adhesive spray on the drag blanket. This first step is very important since it prevents the acetate sheet from moving in the cutting process. Otherwise, the punching may not be done correctly.     

Place the acetate sheet on the drag blanket and press so that it is secure.     

Enter it in the Silhouette and select the cut option.     

Take off the acetate foil and check that the cut is done correctly.     

Apply removable adhesive spray again to the back of the stencil template. To do this, shake the pot for one minute and spray the spray. Then wait a couple of minutes for the solvents to evaporate.     

Finally, you just have to place the template on the surface to decorate and spray the spray paint. Cristina has used a paint from our Chalk Paint range, but we also recommend Pintyplus aQua 2017 because its low pressure nozzle makes it ideal for this type of work.

how to make stencils to use with chalk paint

How to make stencil templates without a cutting machine.

Having a cutting machine makes the job much easier when making your own stencil templates, but it is not essential. You can also create your templates with a precision cutter for crafts. To do this, you must follow the following steps:     

Print the design or design you want for your template.     

Spray the acetate sheet with the removable adhesive spray and place it on the printed sheet.     With the precision cutter, cut out the silhouette of the printed drawing.

Without a doubt, it is a task that requires a steady hand and patience, but in the long run it will compensate you since you will get a reusable and lowcost stencil template.

temporary adhesive spray for stencils

Tips and tricks for your stencil DIY templates

Always clean them after each use. With our water based paints it will be very easy since you only have to moisten a sponge with warm water and soap or dishwasher detergent. Gently rub the template until the paint is removed.     

To clean and remove the removable adhesive just soak a rag with alcohol and rub the blade.     

Save your templates in a cardboard baked envelope, in this way you will prevent them from becoming warped.