Do you struggle to know what to do with the toys that your children no longer use? With this tutorial you will learn how to recycle toys with Pintyplus spray paint. You will be surprised how quickly and easily it is to give them a second life…

It’s inevitable that children grow out of toys eventually and particularly just after Christmas when their attentions turn to their new gifts and older ones begin to fade into the background.

how to use chalk paint to give plastic toys a new life


So that they do not accumulate in house we have two options:

Donate them to charities to benefit other children
Recycle toys with spray paint and give them a second chance

The second option is ideal for those toys that we can not get rid of because they have a sentimental value or because they are broken. In fact, it is what Cristina de Created by Krispis did when she recycled a toy truck in an original planter.

how to use spray paint to upcycle plastic toys


Pinty Plus Tech Primer for plastics
Pinty Plus Chalk finish spray paint
Pinty Plus varnish for chalk paint
Nail file for distressing

With the primer for plastics you can print the vast majority of current toys, since they are made of that material. In the case of MDF or painted wood, we recommend using the Pintyplus chalk primer.

1º.- Clean the surface and prime The first thing to do is to clean the toy thoroughly to remove any dust and dirt. To do this, we rub with a cloth soaked in cleaning alcohol. Once clean and dry we give a layer of primer for Pintyplus Tech plastics. We can disassemble the truck to get better to the areas that can not be seen, but with the spray you get such good coverage it is practically unnecessary.

upcycling a plastic truck with spray paint and primer

2º.- Distressing effect with Pintyplus spray paint spray After waiting about 15 minutes for the primer to dry, apply chalk paint in spray. In the case of this toy truck, Cristina wanted to give it an aged look using the technique of the two colors:     Apply a base coat of Pintyplus chalk paint in black and let it dry (about 20 minutes).     Paint with a contrasting color like Pintyplus chalk paint mint green color and let it dry.     Gently sand the edges, corners and areas that we want to wear with a fine grain sandpaper. In this way, the base color is visible.

3º.- Varnish and protect

Once sanded, we pass a dry cloth to remove the powder and varnish with the special chalk varnish of Pintyplus. Keep in mind that chalk paint is a porous paint. For this reason, it is necessary to protect it with varnish or wax to waterproof it and prevent it from absorbing stains.

In this particular case, since the truck will be transformed into a planter, we recommend using varnish instead of spray wax. In this way it will be protected in case of splashing water when watering the plant.

After following all these steps, we can only find a nice plant and place it in our new planter. The combination of light green and black background is great, do not you think?