Many people have already started decorating their homes for Christmas and if you are looking for some new ideas we have some environmentally and budget friendly upcycling ideas which use our spray paints.

Hanger for photos and holiday cards

For this DIY, oven shelves have been transformed into a stylish industrial look hanger for photos and Christmas cards. To do this upcycle Pintyplus Tech galvanic primer spray was used to cover the rusty areas and Pintyplus Evolution as a top coat to provide the colour.

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Christmas tree DIY

On a walk through the countryside or the park pick up a fallen branch. To transform it into a DIY Christmas tree just spray with Pintyplus Basic metal effect and apply a little bit of artificial snow in an aerosol.

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Centerpiece with tin cans

Recycling tin cans can make an original and decorative centerpiece. You only need to paint with Pintyplus spray paint and place some moss and candles.

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Christmas center with cardboard trees

Another idea to make a Christmas center is to recycle cardboard. It is also an activity that is fun to do with the kids in the house over the school holidays. To do this, cut some cardboard Christmas trees and paint them with silver Pintyplus Evolution. Then they are placed on a deep dish on a mountain of salt (to look like snow) and you will have your centerpiece ready.

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And last, but not least, don’t forget you can always change your Christmas tree to match your interior decor using a couple of cans of our spray chalk paint!