Do you have an old cabinet door and do not know what to do with it? With this step by step tutorial you will learn how to recycle cupboard doors to transform them into a practical and decorative vintage style chalkboard.

You may have just renovated your kitchen cabinet doors and do not know what to do with them. Or maybe it’s the same as our blogger Cristina, who found an abandoned door and could not resist turning it into an upcycling project.



Pintyplus Chalk Paint spray
Pintyplus spray chalkboard paint
Pintyplus spray wax
Wooden trim or ornament (also recycled by the author)
Glass pot
Sandpaper, masking tape tape, mounting adhesive and cloth

How to recycle cupboard Doors with spray paint

Following the steps listed below you will get a practical and functional blackboard with the charm of the vintage finish.
1º- Slate Effect

Step 1 – First, sand the entire surface with medium-grain sandpaper. Then clean the  resulting dust with a rag moistened with water or cleaning alcohol.

Next, cover the frame and inner edge with masking tape and paint the central part with Pintyplus spray chalkboard paint.


Only one coat is necessary to obtain a slate effect like the one shown in the following image.

Step 2 – Vintage frame We will begin by sanding the frame. When your using recycled wood, it is sensible to sand it to remove traces of varnish and improve adhesion. Next, the area painted with black slate spray will be covered to protect it.

The steps to follow to achieve a vintage effect are as follows:…


 Apply Pinty Plus Chalk Paint in Brown Glacé as a base colour.   


Leave to dry and apply a few touches with the spray wax. This step will ensure that the second coat of paint easily peels off after sanding to achieve the distress effect.    


Apply the second layer of color with Chalk Paint in Pale Turquoise spray.    


Leave to dry and sand carefully with a medium-grain sandpaper, concentrating on the areas that are the ones that usually wear out naturally. Thanks to the application of spray wax, the paint will come off smoothly.

Step 3 – Finishing with spray wax Finally, you will be provided with a finish.

To do this, clean the surface of the dust that may have been produced with the sandpaper and apply a layer of Pintyplus spray wax on the frame. We will wait 15 minutes for it to dry and polish with the help of a cotton cloth that does not leave any lint. In this way, a nice satin finish will be achieved.



Next, the trim will be glued to the frame with glueand we will wait for about 24 hours until it is firmly attached.


Finally, we will attach the metal clamp with a screw and the glass jar where our chalk will go.

And now you are finished, your cupboard door has been transformed into a blackboard with a charming vintage finish.


Paints used for this project…

Pinty Plus Chalk Paint in Maron Glace (Chestnut Brown) and Pale Turquoise

Pinty Plus Blackboard Paint