If you are trying to decide which colour to buy for your next project, we have put together a short guide with examples below, where appropriate we have also linked to our Pinterest boards so you can see a wider range of items sprayed with a particular colour to get a more balanced view of how it may look on your project.

All our spray cans come supplied with the original Spanish name, but we have listed the English translation where applicable too. Please note variations in image processing and computer screens mean examples shown are our best guide rather than an exact representation

If you have any more questions about your colour choice please feel free to call or email us to discuss.

Broken white (Blanco Roto)

A classic bright white which delivers the shade you would expect straight from the tin. See items sprayed with this colour here

Cream (Crema)

A warm shade which is perhaps more pigmented than you might expect. Cream is an earthy yellow. If you are seeking a paler “cream” than we suggest Stone which you can see an example of further down the page.

Chestnut Brown (Marron Glace)

As you would expect! A warm shade of brown.

Stone (Pedra)

Our most popular selling colour at the Country Living Spring Fair this year. Stone is a really good choice if you don’t want the starkness of white, it is close to twhite, but softer and goes better with rustic interiors

Rose Garden (Rosa Empolvado)

A pale baby pink colour with warm undertones. See more examples on our Pinterest board

Rose Petal (Rosa Petalo)

A strong pink colour in the violet/red spectrum. Further examples here

Mint Green (Verde Menta)

A pale cool pastel green, which combines well with both the greens and pastel shades in our range.

Blue Indigo (Azul Indigo)

A mid blue which sits close to the mauve end of the spectrum. it combines well with items sprayed in Pale Turquoise or Rose Garden. Further sprayed examples here

Pale Turquoise (Turquesa Palido)

Pale Turquoise is a lovely pastel shade and one of our most popular colours. You can see examples of items sprayed with it here.

Turquoise (Turquesa)

Turquoise is a bold vibrant colour, great for adding a punch of colour to any project or interior. Further sprayed examples of this colour here

Ash Grey (Gris Cenza)

A mid grey colour which when sprayed produces a colour pretty close to the image on the tin. More projects sprayed in this paint here

Black Plum (Negro Plomo)

More of the Black about this shade and less of the Plum! You can build the depth of this colour by adding layers. You can see more examples of things sprayed with Black Plum here.

Sahara Beige (Beige Sahara)

A pale olive colour, closer to green or khaki than beige.

Peach (Melocoton)

True to its name, Peach is a pale orange colour.

Red Velvet

Have you ever had red velvet cake? Then you’ll recognise where this paint gets its name from! The first coat is definitely a vibrant pink, but it deepens with subsequent coats, however it remains much closer to the pink end of the spectrum than the “pillar box red” end. This is a bold shade and definitely not one for shrinking violets!

Mustard / Primrose (Mostaza)

Mustard colours vary the world over which is perhaps why this colour can cause confusion! Our Mustard does NOT have an brown tint, it’s closer to a lemon, which is why you will see it referred to as “Mustard / Primrose” on this site as it’s official colour is Mustard, but we feel the colour is closer to primrose.

In the example below it has been sprayed directly on to wood which provides a warm colour as a base, if you look at some of the examples on our Pinterest board you can see on other surfaces it can appear paler.

London Grey

Another potentially confusing paint name. London Grey is closer to green than grey. More examples of things sprayed in this colour here.

Vintage Olive (Oliva Vintage)

Close in colour to London Grey, but a warmer shade with an earthy undertone

Glamour Red

The latest addition to our range of spray chalk paints. It looks very similar to Red Velvet when first applied, but dries a paler shade and is pinker and less saturated.