Do you fancy a spot of colour to brighten up your desk? In this tutorial we'll guide you through the steps to make your own DIY pencils with wool pompoms and as a bonus you will only need recycled materials and our spray paints.

Materials Needed for Colourful Pencils

    Various colors of Pintyplus Evolution spray paint
    Pencils -new or old-
    Large tin can
    Wool for pompoms
    Glue gun and glue sticks
    Masking tape

Step by step to make your DIY pencil

There is nothing simpler than making a colourful pencil using spray paint. You can use old pencils you have at home or buy plain wood ones for the job.

Step 1: Paint the pencils

Choose a couple of Pintyplus Evolution colors that work well together. There are more than 50 colours in the range, so it is possible to make a huge number of combinations. In this case, red and yellow have been chosen.

Next, we paint the pencils completely. If you have a rubber at the end of the pencil wrap this in masking tape to protect it and then hold the taped end while you spray. If you have no rubber end simply hold the pencil at the base and spray the end once the rest of the pencil has dried.

Step 2: Paint the can

When painting the can you must take into account the following:

Remove any labels and adhesive residue you may have.
It is very important not to leave sharp edges. To do this, sand the inside edges of the can.
Clean with soap and water or directly with alcohol and dry.

The next step is to apply the spray paint. To do this, shake the container for one minute. Then apply the paint keeping a distance of about 25 cm.

For this project we used the red 3020 Pintyplus Evolution

Step 3: Make wool pompoms

The pompoms can be bought already made, but they are also simple to make and can be made the same color as the pencils. In this infographic of Adventures of a DIY mom explains very well how to make your own wool pompoms.

Step 4: Attach the pompoms to the pencils

Once we have the wool pompoms, we only have to glue them to the end of each of the pencils with a our glue guns

Finally, it's time to show off your new pencils on your desktop...

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