Would you like to give a new look to that coat rack you have at home? This tutorial will show you how to decorate a coat rack with a Pintyplus spray chalk paint. Its pastel colors and dusty appearance, will give the coat rack a totally different appearance. This makeover is by one of our Spanish bloggers Cristina who blogs at Mi Closet Coqueto.

Materials for painting a coat rack with chalk paint spray

    Chalk paint spray in pink petal, indigo blue, mustard and turquoise.
    Spray varnish. Your choice of with matte, satin or gloss finish.
    Spray primer (optional). Depending on the material with which the coat hanger is made. If it's non-porous (metal, plastic etc.) then we advise the use of our chalk paint primer.

How to paint a spray Chalk Paint coat rack

Cristina's coat rack was originally white and without anything special that made it stand out, as you can see in the following image.

For this reason, she dismantled the hangers and decided to paint them with different shades of the range of Pintyplus chalk paint. 
This simple makeover help create a personalised and distinct piece of home decor.

To do this, she chose cold tones of indigo blue and turquoise, and combined them with warmer tones of pink petal and yellow mustard yellow. 

To apply the paint, there are a few basic recommendations :

    Shake the container for one minute once you hear the marbles moving inside. This ensures that all the paint ingredients are mixed correctly.
    Tilt the can slightly and apply the paint maintaining a distance of about 9 inches from (or the span of a hand) from the can.
    Apply thin layers and avoid keeping the spray fixed on a single point. In this way we will avoid accumulations of paint and dripping.
    If the object to be painted has different sides (as in this case), we will paint one of them and we will wait about 15 or 20 minutes to dry to turn it around and paint the other side.
    Finally, varnish has to be applied to protect the paint.

Following these steps, you will get a result as beautiful as the following image:

What type of primer to apply

Although chalk paint has excellent adhesion on virtually any type of material, it is sometimes advisable to apply primer to ensure the object survives continued wear and use.

    If the coat rack is made of plastic, as in this case, we advise you use Pintyplus Tech primer for plastics.
    When it is made of metal, the Pintyplus Tech iron primer can be applied to protect it from moisture and oxidation.
    If it is made of very shiny varnished wood, use Pinty Plus primer for chalk paint.

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