This tutorial will show you how to create a granite effect plant stand using a lamp shade and a wooden base. 
Vincent, one of our French bloggers, shows us how to use spray paint to create a granite effect. This technique is very decorative and simple to do, as you will discover!

Materials for granite effect plant stand
    Pintyplus Evolution spray paint in black and white colors.
    Lamp shade
    Wood disc

Steps to make a plant stand with granite effect spray paint

For this project we are using a lamp shade as the base of our plant stand. The faux granite top will be placed on the narrowest part of the shade.
Paint base

To begin Pintyplus Evolution matt white paint will be applied on both the shade and the wooden disc. To do this, shake the can for one minute after hearing the balls inside. Then the paint is applied in thin layers until it covers the surface.

To avoid running or pooling of the paint, wait 15 minutes before applying a new layer.


How to create the granite effect

The granite or mottled effect is achieved by splashing paint in a contrasting colour on the white base. 

There are different ways to create this effect. The most common are:

    Moving the spray can twice the usual distance (approximately 50 cms) from the surface and gently half pressing the nozzle
    Spraying the paint on a brush or toothbrush and flicking the brush at the surface
In this same blog you can find several entries and video tutorials that explains how to perform this technique, as well as other types of finishes that imitate natural stone:

Fix the granite effect base to the shade

Finally, once the paint has dried (about 15 minutes), the wood base is adhered to the lamp shade. For this, adhesive is placed on the narrow part of the shade and the wooden disc is placed on top.

Do bear in mind that lamp shades are not overly strong, so you'll need to ensure you don't pick a pot that is too heavy!


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