Earlier this week our spray chalk paint was used in a creative upcycle on BBC1’s Celebrity Money For Nothing. The TV show pairs celebrities with expert upcyclers who take junk from the star’s home and transform it into something new. The finished item is then put up for sale and any profits go to the charity of the celebrity’s choice.


In this week’s episode expert Jay used some old bed slats he found in former model Caprice’s garage and transformed them into some colourful vertical hanging storage. Here’s how the makeover went…


The bed slats were originally part of an iron framed double bed which Caprice had been storing in her garage for a friend, but the friend no longer wanted the bed and Caprice wanted her storage space back so Jay came up with a cunning and very simple plan about how the slats could be reused.


Back at his workshop Jay laid the slats out on a workbench and butted them up to each other to form a continuous surface to make sanding easier. He then used an electric sander to lightly sand the surface and remove the varnish. This ensures the paint adheres well to the wood which is important as the finished hanger will get quite a bit of wear and tear with things being repeatedly taken on and off it.


Jay used colours from our spray chalk paint range which is a fast drying, water-based formulation. The spray is also environmentally friendly, non-toxic and has a minimal level of odour which makes it ideal for using indoors or in an enclosed space. For this project Jay’s costs including the paint and masking tape were £24.50.


The finished result was this hanging system. Caprice loved it so much she actually asked if she could have it back, but that was against the rules of the programme! Instead the hangers were bought by Monkey Mania in Ludlow, Shropshire who said “These are great, the kids will love them and they go great with our colour scheme as well.”


If you are feeling inspired to transform your own bed slats you can shop for our chalk paint paint range by clicking on the image below and you can watch the episode of Celebrity Money For Nothing that the paint features in here.