If you have old cooking pans that you no longer use or that are damaged, do not throw them away! This tutorial will show you how to recycle pots with spray paint to transform them into an original planter.

Spanish blogger Irene from Del Taller de Ire shows us how to recycle old casseroles to transform them into a nice planter. Do not miss the step by step of this simple upcycling project, you will want to do it!


Pintyplus Evolution Acrylic Color Paint Metallic Gray, Traffic Purple and Distant Blue
Enamelled pots
Fabric flowers

For this DIY project a set of three enamelled pots has been used. Although they were in pretty good condition, the interiors of some of them were damaged making them unsuitable for cooking. As the metal beneath the enamel was exposed we recommend the use of one of our anti-corrosion primers of our Pintyplus Tech range before painting.

If you are thinking of upcycling enamel dishes in a different way wand need them to withstand high temperatures (boiler, stove, etc.), use Pintyplus Tech high temperature spray paint. This type of paint supports up to 600ºC


Recycle pots with spray paint step by step

The following video tutorial will show you how some enameled pots have been painted to transform them into an original flower center.

The steps to follow are as follows:

Shake the paint can for one minute after hearing the mixing balls. This first step is essential for the paint to come out smoothly and well mixed.
Slightly tilt the can and spray paint at a distance of about 25 cm. Avoid tilting the can horizontally or bringing it too close to the surface as this can cause the paint to run
Apply thin layers till you cover the entire surface.
Once paint has dried (about 15 minutes), turn the object so you can paint the base.

Finally, introduce some artificial flowers and place a pan inside another to obtain a flowerpot as beautiful as the one of the following image: